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Centro CasesThe PalmInfocenter store has just added three new Palm Centro cases from Smartphone Experts.

The GloveFit is a sleek form-fitting case with a slide in design with a clear access window and leather sides. It is available in five color options for $24.95.

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belt clip cases huh?

since my first IIIc @ 2/6/2008 1:41:44 PM # Q
I just got the Centro, and was wondering why it seems everyone that makes cases for smartphones, thinks we all walk around with suits and ties on all day, or that we want it on our hips for some reason. Along with years worth of PDA's/smartphones, I had the 700p, and then the 755p before getting the Centro, and a huge reason for the change was so I could put it in my pocket. Its a very small phone, and it would seem -especially given the price point, and "fun" colors- that most of the people buying this phone won't want to latch it to their hips, or bulk it up with fancy leather cases... think young, think creative, this isn't a 700p we're talking about. Come on, my little sister has it, please, please, please is there someone out their that actually makes slim-fitting cool looking cases?

RE: belt clip cases huh?
theseus @ 2/6/2008 4:37:25 PM # Q
I suppose the slim fitting case mentioned here ( ) is out of the question? There's also cases from Boxwave ( ) and Seidio ( ); certainly there's a slim case in there somewhere that appeals to you. And are you looking for a case for you or for your little sister? (I couldn't figure out if it was you or your sister through all that whining...) ;)


RE: belt clip cases huh?
since my first IIIc @ 2/6/2008 6:14:32 PM # Q
Yeah, sorry about the winning, guess I was pretty burnt on ANOTHER selection of leather belt clip specials. However it seems as though you knew the non-leather belt selection, so perhaps I wasn't alone on this one. Thanks for the links, I ordered the slim crystal case. Just wanted to protect it from drops and keep it slim and this way I still see the design etc.

RE: belt clip cases huh?
since my first IIIc @ 2/6/2008 6:16:43 PM # Q
oops, thats whining, sorry its been a long day:)

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