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While the long wait for the official WM6 update for Treo 750 users on AT&T continues, Palm has finally taken the opportunity to address the matter on the official Palm Blog. Sadly, the post authored by the "Palm Windows Mobile Team" is quite reminiscent of Palm’s vague addressing of the myriad of issues surrounding the 700p's ROM update delay earlier this year and in 2006. No definitive reason for the huge delay in releasing the update is offered, nor does Palm make any reference to the fact that Australian 750 owners have been enjoying their WM6 updates for over three months. Also overlooked is the fact that unlocked 750 users have been able to download WM6 officially for nearly a month.
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The Community Already Has It

MikeHemmes @ 11/27/2007 12:43:49 AM # Q
The community over at the forums on, under the Treo 750 section, already has the unbranded update working on the AT&T model. The install runs great and removes all branding and extra non-removable useless software that comes with the AT&T branded version.

-- Mike Hemmes
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