Palm Updates Blog about Treo 700 ROM Issues

Sam Samadi, Palm’s VP of Product Quality and Compliance, has posted an update to the Palm corporate blog. Mr. Samadi’s post discusses last week’s sudden removal of the ROM update software for not only the Verizon version of the Treo 700p but the Windows Mobile 5-powered Verizon 700w/wx as well.

In the blog past, dated August 15th, Mr. Samadi goes on to report that in addition to the three Verizon Treos affected, the Sprint 700p desktop updater has also become the latest casualty of the faulty ROM updater crisis. Palm attributes the removal of this version of the updater due to issues causing patched 700p’s to enter into an endless reset loop.

As of this writing, the Sprint 700p SD card-based installer is the only remaining Treo 700-series update available for download from Palm as no updated ROMs have been released for the smaller CDMA carriers that offer these Treos.. Mr. Samadi provides no estimated timetable when Palm expects the current Verizon network disconnection woes to be resolved.

Palm’s vaguely-worded blog post does not imply that that the reasons behind this latest round of removals are related in any way to June’s installation issues plaguing Sprint 700p owners. Sprint’s version of the 700p updater had its fair share of problems earlier this summer that led to an abrupt removal of the 700p update from Palm’s support site on June 5th, a mere three days after its release.

Blog excerpt:

"The issue is caused by a device setting that affects connectivity to the Verizon Wireless network under certain situations and only occurs on devices that have installed the updaters. Users receive an error message and typically can reconnect to the data network after a short period of time. This data connectivity issue does not affect the device or personal data in any other way."

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Less with the blogging

drbuzz0 @ 8/16/2007 2:59:34 PM # Q
and more with the debugging... and creating stuff that isn't flawed on the third release... (well, ideally the first release, but you gotta start somewhere. This isn't your average company. This is palm)

RE: Less with the blogging
Darkon @ 8/16/2007 4:08:59 PM # Q
I'd say more blogging AND more shouldn't be either/or.

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