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LandWare announced today the immediate availability of Leonard Maltin's 2006 Movie Guide for Palm OS. The leading authority on American film is back with the latest edition of bestselling movie and video guide.
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Paper May be Dead

Timothy Rapson @ 11/11/2005 9:26:05 PM # Q
We have several paper Maltins guides. The last one is a 2004 edition that my wife actually got at the Dollar Tree for, YEP, one dollar. Maltins is hard to beat.

I got VideoHound a couple of years ago because it promised to allow me to try the whole thing before buying. I think the Maltin's Demo version only has a few hundred titles. I like VideoHound, but the text is quite limited, about 1/2 what I have come to expect from Maltins. Is this PDA version the full text from the paper version? Anyone know?

I can't tell you how handy it is to have this with me all the time. At the video store I can check out any movie any time. At work I can find out the star of the movie from practically any year and impress everyone with the names of every other movie that star ever appeared in. Handy.

RE: Paper May be Dead
southbound747 @ 11/11/2005 10:58:20 PM # Q
if you click on the link and go to landware it does say that the palm version does include all of the text from th epaper version plus other things it doesn't have...

RE: Paper May be Dead
joad @ 11/14/2005 1:29:17 AM # Q
This program is a great little guide, find myself using it all the time to figure out what movie I've surfed upon by triangulating a couple of the actors. It functions well using Powerrun.

Videohound is nice too, has more eye candy but is not as decent as this program at finding films and raw searching. At $20 a year for the updates I'll hold off a few years before paying again as most of the movies I like are old anyhow...

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