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Avvenu's free remote file access service has just been updated. Specifically optimized for handheld devices, this service gives users fast access to their files, folders and photos stored on a computer, directly from their handheld devices.
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Lungboy @ 2/23/2006 9:31:27 AM # Q
Are my shared computers secure?

Yes. First, access to your PC is managed by Avvenu, which verifies that only people you authorize can see your pictures and files. Second, remote users are restricted to accessing only the files you’ve designated...


If I've gone through the effort of setting up a file to share so that I can download it later from my PDA, why wouldn't I just have hotsynced it to my memory card at that time?

I'm not too sure how comfortable I am with delegating access to my computer to a third party.

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RE: Huh?
VerdantOne @ 2/23/2006 4:31:44 PM # Q
As the owner of the PC you have full access to all of your files whether you hotsynced or not. The access controls relate to other people to whom you have granted access. Granting access to your files can be done remotely from your PDA, mobile phone, or any PC web browser.

This capability comes in very handy when you are travelling and need to send a large file to someone else without the need to download it and then email the file. The recipient has read-only access to the file or folder that you specify.

For situations like this it definately beats a wireless VPN connection on a Treo to download an 8mb file and then resend it as an email attachment. That is really uncomfortable.

RE: Huh?
mjg7 @ 10/30/2006 6:21:22 AM # Q
"I'm not too sure how comfortable I am with delegating access to my computer to a third party."

Very good point. Why must authentication happen on Avvenu's servers? It means Avvenu's staff could potentially access any of your files.

The Host Yourself Network ( is similar to Avvenu but authentication is controlled by YOU on YOUR computer. This means only YOU and those you create user accounts for can access your files.

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