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Palm's latest smartphone, the Treo 500v, was launched on the Vodafone network last week to generally favorable reviews from European users. Yet no mention has yet been made of an eventual appearance in the United States by the device and Palm has remained mum on the matter. Adding fuel to the fire that this would be a Europe-only release is the fact that the 500v only has a tri-band GSM radio.

But now U.S. GSM users have some slight reason to be optimistic, as Palm has sought and now received approval to sell the Treo 500 in the US. The FCC documents show that Palm has approved two versions, one with a Treo 500v label and another showing just the Treo 500 name.

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What is the Centro then?

bulls96 @ 9/20/2007 9:07:56 PM # Q
If this is gonna be the Treo 500v in the US... than definitely Palm Centro should be something else... I wonder if the Centro is really a name of the phone or a service ala iTunes which will be the "Center" for multimedia downloads over the air?

remember Palm was quoted as saying that there was something "bigger" behind the Centro...

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PacManFoo @ 9/20/2007 9:38:37 PM # Q
It's really hard to get excited about a company that makes cellphones. On top of that cellphones running windows. Remember when Palm made handheld computers? Those where the days.

PDA's Past and Present:
iPod Touch ???? Maybe soon.
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RE: Yawn
drw @ 9/20/2007 11:11:53 PM # Q
I agree with you. Even with HP's latest offering of handhelds, I don't see any replacement for my T|C. No one can seem to hit a bullseye. iPhone is the up-to-date technology I want, but they didn't see fit to make it a PDA. Thats an omission you could float an aircraft carrier through.

This is like WWE wrestling where one dude is just beating the heck out of the other. Then all of a sudden the other wakes up and starts letting the opponent have it. Frequently one will be on the ground and the referee will get 2 slaps, but the guy on the ground kicks up.

You could replace the wrestlers on WWE with Palm, Apple, HP, etc. It's all a game. Last year Dell wore the champion belt, now they are gone completely out of the picture.


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