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Keylights Treo SoftwareKeyLight 2 is a new application that gives you full control over the keyboard lights on your Treo. The program allows you to customize the keyboard backlight behavior for different applications, activities and times. You can set which apps will use the keylights, switch them off during calls and even have them flash when you receive a new email or sms message.

KeyLight 2 v2.2 is available now with a seven day demo trial. It costs $6.95 to register, but is currently on sale for $4.95 for a limited time. At this time it is only compatible with the Treo 680 and 650.

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Yes! I'm all Over This.

LiveFaith @ 7/18/2007 1:45:07 PM # Q
Will demo today to see if as advertised. Just a few days back I was wondering why I constantly needed to eat my 680's anemic battery with keyboard lighting. Don't get me wrong, the Treo has a nice, and often useful, backlit keyboard. But the sheer light radiated through it must be a significant drain on the battery. 90% of the time I would want it off.

Where's that iPhone photocell when we need it?

Pat Horne

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
justauser @ 7/18/2007 7:02:50 PM # Q
What actually bugs me is when I'm reading an ebook (often in low light conditions) and the keyboard light flickers and occasionally flashes. Very annoying. Will probably purchase this program just to switch it off during reading sessions.

Mind you, what would be nice is the ability to switch the keyboard light on/off via a hardware button. I can't see any such option in the app - but then again I've only trialled it for 10 seconds.

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
freakout @ 7/18/2007 7:10:14 PM # Q
^^ There was an app I used to use on my 650 called KBLightsOff that allowed you to control the backlight with a double-press of the side button. Don't know if they ever updated it for the 680, though.
RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
icesalmon1 @ 7/18/2007 8:05:21 PM # Q
I am using KSlight on my Treo 680. It is Free and it works.

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
Ryan @ 7/18/2007 8:26:05 PM # Q
kslight can be found here:

says it's for the 650 only and hasn't been updated in some time so, be forewarned. I believe it just toggles the lights on/off, while KeyLight has a number of nice customizable features.

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
LiveFaith @ 7/19/2007 12:48:55 AM # Q
Looks like the following results after 1 days use:

#1 Running in Apps+Time setting mode works as advertised. Noticed the backlight off today and it made me realize how little I noticed before, but how it also helps in even shady areas.

#2 Main screen of app has an ugly typo. "demoversion" instead of "demo version" on the open screen, & "Chose Time" "Chose Program" instead of "Choose Time" etc in a main button on the main settings screen. Those things just make me nervous, especially in v2.2. Developer has a German address, so I'll give a big pass here. His/her English is still lots better than my German!

#3 The flash the keyboard lights when e-mail received is pretty neat, but seems to cause some strange lag when actually occurring. Navigating and button use seems dysfunctional until the flashes are over. Had mine set to 10, but now just turned off.

#4 My 680 froze today when attempting to answer a call. It's never done this before in 6 months use. Had to yank the battery and watch the Palm orange bowl parade. Called person back after NVFS 680's 90 hour boot time. If it happens again, I'll have to assume the culprit and give it the boot.

App works as advertised so far, so I can see a definite benefit and a sure power savings in my own usage.

Pat Horne

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
LiveFaith @ 7/19/2007 10:36:33 AM # Q
Issue: When adjusting the brightness in any app, the keyboard lighting returns as normal. Treo must be powered off and then back on again for KeyLight to take over control of the keyboard again.

Pat Horne
RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
LiveFaith @ 7/19/2007 3:21:40 PM # Q
Exit Stage Right!

I just pulled the plug on the app this AM. For the 2nd time in as many days, my phone froze while answering a call. This has never happened in hundreds of received calls, and this is the only new S/W. Shot the relationship's over unless I continue to get this error with the prog deleted or they update it.

Good idea nonetheless.

Pat Horne

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
justauser @ 7/19/2007 9:17:52 PM # Q
That's all I need to hear to remove this app. Way too many 3rd party TSR type hacks for Treo's. Always was nervous installing hacks on my T3. Seems every 'Treo-must-have' app tinkers with the phone functionality.

RE: Yes! I'm all Over This.
rthumble @ 7/21/2007 8:26:46 PM # Q
I also had to uninstall the app. After a day and a half of use I experienced numerous lock ups when answering a call and at one point the screen brightness adjusted itself completely off. I thought the Treo was locked up and would not turn on. After removing the battery to reset it came on and I figured out the screen setting change. All problems stopped after I deleted Keylight. I switched back to KBlights even though it only dims the keys during a call it keeps them off all the rest of the time and they can be toggled with the side key. It is a great way to conserve the battery.

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