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Without any fanfare whatsoever, MobiTV has released an updated version of their streaming video client software for Palm OS devices. The file is dated August 31st 2006 but the link to the new version download has definitely not been around that long. This new version is 107h and is 448k in size.

In addition to the updated Treo client, it appears that the MobiTV player for Wi-Fi enabled Palm devices (TX & LifeDrive) has been updated as well. You can read our MobiTV review here.

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1.07h has been out in the wild already...

Dera @ 12/8/2006 9:42:11 PM # Q
I purchased MobiTV at Office Depot last week. Early this week, I used the CD to install onto my Treo 680 (Now that I have unlimited data, I may as well use it). That was the version installed on my Treo.

RE: 1.07h has been out in the wild already...
hkklife @ 12/9/2006 12:17:48 AM # Q
Interesting. So that would explain delay between the date given on the filename vs. when it was actually released for donwload by anyone.

How's the performance on the 680, by the way?

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