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Ok, Iíll admit--my geek quotient is high enough that Iíd want to travel with something like Palmís fantastic GPS Navigator kit. But itís not high enough to want to ruin my dashboard with a permanently installed cradle or a messy but flimsy adhesive-backed mount. In the past I just would use my carís cup holder as the general hold-all for all loose items, electronics included. When I travel and use a rental car I generally bring along my GPS receiver, a cordless radar detector and the omnipresent cell phone/Treo. Read on for the full StickPads review.
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Another fine review

G M Fude @ 9/6/2006 1:48:06 AM # Q
Well there's a PIC review about a very different subject! Well done, Kris.

Do the later iterations of the StickyPad have the same issues with lint and dust and hair sticking to the surface as the original one you commented on? I can see one of these being useful in my MX-5 Miata but, no roof = much more crap floating in.

And a question you can't answer -- why have the marketing braniacs stuck a lower case 'i' in front of the name now... has the World gone iMad?

- Steve Smith

RE: Another fine review
LiveFaith @ 9/6/2006 10:22:12 AM # Q
Wow, it's a small world. My wife bought me one of the black ones about 3 months ago. I thot it was a little silly, but put it in my new Ridgeline anyway. I can't live without this thing now!

Putting my Treo on the dash is safe and sound and works perfectly with a bluetooth headset, allowing a stable place and good positioning for the Treo's traditionally weak signal.

When lint and dust attach to it, I just wash it in water and viola it's like new. When dust accumulates, the Treo and headset can slide off in hard braking or cornering. The only real problem is the curling edges. Mine began to do that from the moment I attached it. Maybe "Armor All" on the dash caused it.

Your review gives me the itch to find one without the curlies. This is a highly recommended accessory IMO.

Pat Horne

RE: Another fine review
edeab220 @ 9/6/2006 12:08:06 PM # Q
man I love those things. I have the StickyPad Jelly and at first I never thought they worked, but I bought one since it was $8 lol. Now, I can't live without it...and I gotta go run to CompUSA and buy somemore for the other car.

I put my iPod on it since I already have a tape adapter, and the iPod never moves.

Senior Editor, Webmaster, and host of podcast at

RE: Another fine review
hkklife @ 9/6/2006 9:16:01 PM # Q
GM Fude; thanks for the compliment-glad you enjoyed it. No, the Jelly & the iSticky XL do not have the lint/hair problem. I've ridden the dog in the car and it hasn't posed a problem at all. The bottom of the newer 'Pads is strangely...smooth and moist compared to the original thin Sticky Pad.

About the only problems I can forsee in a Miata would be the sun drying the pad out (you might want to wash/soak it monthly) and possibly causing its color to fade. I've noticed my white XL turns the previously mentioned "dirty milk" color and the Cranberry Jelly pad is a much lighter pinkish color--but that's after a LOT of time in direct sunlight here in the South! I wouldn't worry about it.

The ArmorAll DEFINITELY did is the culprit! So you have the "thin" original StickyPad, huh? I definitely recommend an upgrade to one of the newer designs/compositions. No more curling edges!

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