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Summer may be winding down but there’s still enough heat and humidity in the air in most of the country to make for slippery palms. When sweaty palms grab a slippery Palm, the unthinkable can happen. The same goes for stashing a Palm on the dash of a moving car. Since most of us do not carry around a rubberized 10th Anniversary Black Tie Treo 650 or a blue-skinned Zire 72, help must be sought from an aftermarket source to increase the Palm's "grip" factor. Read on for the full Gadget Grips review...
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Gadget Grips vs. e grips

pedals615 @ 9/12/2006 9:30:54 PM # Q
I've been using e grips for my Treo 700p for the last couple of months. They are very similar to the Gadget Grips but are more pebbly in finish and adhere better. "e grips" also come in precut sheets custom fit for the Treo. They remain adhered to the too smooth finish of the Treo. It's too bad in the first place that such a nice product as the Treo is one of the most slippery substances on earth. They are seen at and aren't too unreasonable in price and give you a more confident grip on the Treo.

RE: Gadget Grips vs. e grips
hkklife @ 9/12/2006 9:45:20 PM # Q
Yup, I had a set of E-Grips (different company, different product) a few years back when they first launched for my ultra-slippery Moto V60 phone. This was back before they had e-grips custom sized for different devices.

The E-Grips still didn't hold up in daily use being carried around in my pockets but I probably had to change the pads on my V60 every 2 or 3 months.

I should actually give them a shot again on my Treo. From my time spent with the E-Grips, I can definitely recommend them over the Gadget Grips, especially if you buy 'em pre-cut and sized to fit your specific device.

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