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IP-based mobile Television has long been cited as one of THE killer apps for high-speed wireless data services. The Palm Treo’s rather strong multimedia features and high-resolution would seem a natural fit for high-quality streaming audio and video Until now, most of the solutions available across various platforms were either lacking technically or sadly lacking in content. Fortunately for the Palm OS faithful, all of this has changed with the arrival of MobiTV. Read on for the full review.
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MobiTV lineup for Treos

hkklife @ 10/14/2006 12:04:07 PM # Q

Well, this answers my question about what the unknown horror film was. They just loop 4 public domain B&W horror flicks on the channel. Good stuff, mind you, but these are just the titles you can buy for $3 on DVD at Wal-Mart.

Still a good app. Also, in case anyone was wondering, I could not have my MobiTV account active on both my TX (wi-fi edition of MobiTV) and on my Treo 700p. You have to register each device uniquely with MobiTV so you have to have a separate account for each device you own. Bummer but unsurprising.

Maybe a $15 or $20/month deluxe family subscription like XM & Sirius have for multiple device-owning families.

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RE: MobiTV lineup for Treos
LiveFaith @ 10/14/2006 5:27:20 PM # Q

Can it play in HVGA? Pretty cool, but the 240x320 is tiny on a Treo.

I could use the WiFi Card on my T3, with the addition of a 550CCA Sears Die Hard battery! :-)

Pat Horne

RE: MobiTV lineup for Treos
hkklife @ 10/14/2006 6:43:03 PM # Q
Nope, you just have the larger screen on the TX improving things over the Treo but it's same actual resolution.

Pat, just go on and download the trial version for wi-fi Palms. It only mentions the LD & the TX so maybe the T3 and T5 are not supported...but I think it'll work. I do know that the LifeDrive requires the 2.0 update in order to use MobiTV.

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RE: MobiTV lineup for Treos
Danceclimber @ 10/15/2006 2:03:09 AM # Q
Does anyone know if there is any difference between MobiTV and SprintTV (which is free with a data plan)? If it is the same why not just go with Sprint and same one's self $10/month. Does MobiTV have any advantages above SprintTV?

RE: MobiTV lineup for Treos
hkklife @ 10/15/2006 10:58:36 AM # Q
MobiTV has somewhat better A/V quality (I've seen them both side by side on 700Ps and it's pretty obvious) and a much better channel selection. Although, I should say that I think SprintTV offers a few channels that MobiTV does not such as Bravo and VH1.

Let me put it this way--if I wanted anything TV-related past the few channels Sprint gives you for free with their basic Power Vision ($15), I'd just pay MobiTV directly instead of paying for the overpriced PowerVision plans.

One thing I find absolute mind-boggling about MobiTV is that you have one set of channel offerings for SprinTV customers, another set for Palm wi-fi devices (TX, LD) and then another for Treos that subscribe directly. And that's without going into what they offer for dumbphone customers and/or specific offerings for various carriers!

I'd like to see a two-tier pricing level where the more costly offerings gives a Treo user EVERYTHING MobiTV is currently broadcasting. Why can someone with a TX and a wi-fi hotspot watch Fox News and I am just stuck with Fox Sports on my 700p? That's assuming I care to watch Fox News in the first place...

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