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PalmAddicts are reporting that MobiTV has quietly revised their channel lineup for Palm OS devices. A handful of channels have been added or modified, most notably of which is the addition of Fox News Channel's. Fox's MobiTV channel is one of the few MobiTV offerings, in addition to MSNBC, offering live MobiTV streaming concurrently with the live brodcast version.

NBC News and ABC News Now are also offered on MobiTV's channel guide but they serve up specially formatted and edited mobile programming instead of the live broadcast content. The following "real" channels carry on as before, having always had live content mirroring their broadcast equivalents: CNBC, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 and The Weather Channel.

The MobiTV Palm OS client software remains unchanged at the moment. See the PIC review of MobiTV here.

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matt_laughs @ 1/4/2007 4:59:40 PM # Q
between tivo and sirius coming out with satelite tv next year, why would i want this exactly?

thats what she said!
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