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Treo 680 CopperPalm has posted a new note on its online store to indicate that the Copper (aka orange) unlocked Treo 680 is no longer available. At this time its not clear why the unit is no longer being offered or if any additional colors will be offered. Arctic, Crimson and Graphite are still listed and available for purchase.

Colored versions of the Treo 680 are only available from and Palm retail stores. All other carriers that offer the 680 only offer the Graphite version.

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legodude522 @ 1/21/2007 10:06:06 PM # Q
I wanted the orange one.

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RE: :-(
freakout @ 1/22/2007 3:02:20 AM # Q
I thought the Copper was kinda ugly, myself. It must have been wildly unpopular for them to drop it so soon after the launch.

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RE: :-(
SeldomVisitor @ 1/22/2007 6:47:25 AM # Q
> ...It must have been wildly unpopular for them to drop it so soon
> after the launch...

Or the coloring agent caused the case to prematurely decompose.

Watch them fanboy sites for feedback!

[Colligan said all colors were available for $199 - The Beer Guy said he knew that this was the case as well. So where are the $199 colored TREO 680s? Disappearing one by one?]

RE: :-(
SeldomVisitor @ 1/22/2007 7:15:35 AM # Q
Another theory - one that I agree with - is that the colored TREOs aren't selling well enough to justify the large manufacturing orders that must be placed to get the colored TREOs...and that the COPPER one was the best selling of the colored TREOs so it ran out first.

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Love my Copper!

+Kardboard+ @ 1/22/2007 6:14:36 AM # Q
I've got a Copper 680 and I adore it! Looks like crap in the PR photos, and looks like lousy in all the photos I've seen of it, but in real-life I think it looks amazing! Just the right tint of orange with a nice metallic finish to it. Works very well methinks, and everyone that's seen it thinks it looks great! Compared to my "any colour you want as long as it's grey" 650, this is a nice improvement.

Is it really selling that bad, or have they run out of orange paint? XD

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RE: Love my Copper!
Dera @ 1/22/2007 10:35:29 AM # Q
I agree. The unit in the photos is really not indicative of the real unit. I saw the Copper unit (along with the others) at CES, and I actually liked the color when I saw it in person.

I guess others were turned off by the perceived color. I just hope Palm decides that dark Blue, and dark Green are options in the future. :-)

RE: Love my Copper!
LiveFaith @ 1/22/2007 11:08:44 AM # Q
Color it any way ya want ... again and again ...

I have the grey b/c CNG gave it to me, but I wanted the copper too. My guess is that it has sold out before the next order arrived. Nowhere I've says "discontinued".

Pat Horne

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How about Blue and Black?

Ryan @ 1/22/2007 4:42:20 PM # Q
I think the choice of colors offered from the beging was pretty odd, so I can understand why the orange was pulled, but how about a substitute?

Black seems too obvious given the attractiveness and success of the Black Tie Treo. But a Blue Treo 680 (without the zire 72 peeling problem) would be even better.

RE: How about Blue and Black?
freakout @ 1/22/2007 6:09:56 PM # Q
I really would have gone for a 750-style dark blue. That said, I can live with red. :) It really is odd they didn't put out a black one though.

According to a treocentral thread, the reasoning behind this is:

i just went to the palm store over the weekend here at the grove in los angeles and the rep told me that they will not be selling unlocked treo 680's there anymore..the reason for this is that cingular has bought all the colors and all treo 680's from this week on will all be cingular branded..seems cingualr is taking over..i was lucky enough to buy 1 of the last 3 she had in copper..she said once this supply is gone the new cingular branded phones will be coming in

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Just got mine

metro7i @ 1/22/2007 8:43:52 PM # Q
I just got mine today, had a friend buy it when she was in LA a few days ago. So I guess I got one of the very last units available... My question now is whether is it a good thing or bad... In all honesty for me, the copper color looks pretty good. It's not as "bright" orange as it looks in the picture. And everyone I've shown it to says its pretty nice looking.
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