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Space Docking Simulator Palm SoftwareWith the release of Space Docking Simulator, Mohammed Bennouf of SimToGo has returned to the setting of his greatest Palm OS! SimToGo's first foray into the Palm OS game scene, Lunar Lander Simulator, was a very serious and challenging title that offered a realistic depiction of the Apollo moon landings. Space Docking Simulator is a handheld-sized depiction of the difficult space docking phase of the lunar missions. The player must control the Apollo command module and complete a successfully dock with the lunar lander.

Several difficulty levels are available for players of all experience levels. An informative 23-page PDF manual is provided with the program. Many of the great features and attention found in LLS are present in this followup title...even the digitized voices from Houston Mission Control!

Space Docking Simulator for Palm OS is available now for $9.95. A free demo version is available for download.

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Far Out

kevinbgood @ 3/28/2007 7:44:40 PM # Q
Well after a dozen total misses and a few collisions, this just can't get any better. Just as much fun as Lunar Lander Sim. Great fun, great job.

Addicted to Palm
RE: Far Out
momob @ 4/9/2007 12:13:32 AM # Q
Thank you so much for your kind comments!! I am glad you like it. I am hoping to update this game soon with an extra mission called "Rescue". The story goes like this: There was an accident and all the astronauts on-board the space station end up ejected in space. Your mission of course is to track them (with your radar) and then "dock" them (dock here means coming very close to each stranded astronaut). The catch is that each astronaut will have a different (and limited) Oxygen reserve. They also have different initial velocity that you will need match in order to save them. The more life you save the more will get of course.

As Kris said (thank you so much Kris for the great review!) all future Space Docking Simulator updates are free!

Thank you again for posting your nice comment "Kevinbgood". I appreciated it very much.


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