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Palm Treo BackupPalm has released a new over the air mobile backup solution on their mobile web portal. Palm Backup Beta will automatically save a copy of your Treo's data to a secure server every day, from anywhere you have wireless data coverage. The appearance of this service is sudden but not entirely unexpected, given the recent amount of chatter amongst the Palm OS user community predicting a strong push by Palm into wireless service-related offerings.

The service currently supports backups from Contacts, Calendar, Memos, Tasks, Blazer bookmarks, Treo phone app quick dials, and the call log. No desktop computer is required and automatic backup schedules are available. Palm does offer a brief listing of optimization tips for the service that is certain to expand once more users begin using this utility regularly.

Palm states that the service will only be free for a limited time. No word on the service's official launch data or its pricing. Palm lists device compatibility only with the Treo 700p, 680 and 650 and as always, an unlimited data plan is highly recommended.

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An unknown error has occurred.

freakout @ 4/12/2007 2:05:10 AM # Q
Disappointingly, it seems this is only available to US and Canadian Palm users. My attemps to try this out were met with either "Network Error" or "An unknown error has occurred. Please try again. ((00004050)(16464))"

After the third attempt, I got bored and gave up. Looks like a nice idea though.

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JayC3 @ 4/12/2007 2:02:11 AM # Q
Does anybody think this kind of service will prosper? With all the identity theft that is rampant on the internet, is it safe to say that having the OTA backup is very secure and safe?

I think this is to spur the usage of the carriers data plans. Which means, additional moohlah to the carriers (woot!) ^_^!

RE: Nice
painted_dog @ 4/12/2007 12:04:30 PM # Q
I would agree, i would definitely have security concerns.

Also if Carriers want people to use their data network, then they should charge more reasonable prices. If they make it affordable, people will use it more. (...& 15 cents a text message? you got to be kidding me, a text message has got to be almost no load on their network, yet you would think from their rates that a text message is more complex than transmitting voice .... WTF ? )

-painted dog

RE: Nice
Dera @ 4/13/2007 4:45:16 PM # Q
I sure hope they have really scoped the price point for this. Anything over $4.95 a month, and I doubt they will have a lot of takers. Right now, I use an SD card to do what they are going to charge for. We'll have to see.

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Good idea!

mikecane @ 4/12/2007 8:14:29 AM # Q
Is it also possible for them to offer a WiFi version?

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more to come?

legodude522 @ 4/12/2007 1:48:30 PM # Q
Hopefully there is more to come soon with all this Treo <-> server connectivity.

I have been waiting for something like this. I feel it will help a lot for professionals.

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RE: more to come?
ScottG @ 4/12/2007 2:20:08 PM # Q
This kind of service has been around for a year now.

I use the 29.95 Pro version per year. You can pick a Basic Backup Plan for half that to just back up the Data for the Main Apps. The Pro version is a real Complete CLONE of the whole phone, and it also has a cool feature called "Trickle Backup" that does a backup to a secure server on phone's internet connection as you make changes on the phone as you use it through the day. I have mine on Sprint, and I've have had a few Hard Resets over the last year on the 700P. It takes about 15 minutes to restore the entire phone over the Wireless. It is so Wicked, and you can customize it to the tenth degree.


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Interesting, Palm Desktop Online Anyone?

twizza @ 4/12/2007 4:24:16 PM # Q
Seriously, this is a good way to see how a version of Palm Desktop that would "live online" could work. I think that as a subscription solution, this could and should work very well. The ability to schedule the backup for when your phone is not at use would help too.

Security is a concern. Something needs to be addressed there for the non-techie user.

This plus Palm Desktop on a desktop would make a good idea.

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edoan @ 4/12/2007 11:04:20 PM # Q
I saw this awhile back ... wasn't it called or

Keeps timing out on my 700p with unlimited EV-DO plan. I think it has to do with the signal strength (1 bar at my house) while trying to backup an 800KB call log.

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Great vision

Nycran @ 4/12/2007 11:20:44 PM # Q
I like this, I like it a lot. This will be Palm's replacement for Hot Sync. Immediately they address the cross-platform issue where you'll be able to use the *desktop* software (probably a web site) equally well on Linux and Mac as you can on Windows, and Vista's new security architecture that's giving Palm grief on the install tool will be rendered irrelevant.

Security is an issue, however the tools exist to make it possible to provide a "good enough" level of privacy (eg, AES, TLS, etc), which I'm sure palm will exploit to full potential.

The real snag will be mobile data costs and transmission speeds, though I'm certain the new Linux based devices will have wi-fi out of the box (that's why Colligan said they will be sold without the help of the Carriers - palm wants freedom of design and implementation).

Kudos to you Palm, this week has been exciting and faith-restoring.

RE: Great vision
hkklife @ 4/13/2007 12:46:24 AM # Q
It would take the release of the 700p ROM update today (Friday) to make it a REALLY worthwhile week.

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What about T|X users

sungod @ 4/13/2007 7:30:57 PM # Q
Just more proof Palm no longer gives two hoots about PDA owners.
Is my data not as important.
I was thinking of backpacking around Europe with my T|X or a Lifedrive this would have been perfect.
But hay it's probably only available to US residents anyway so what am I worried about.

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Palmloyal Review

godschoice @ 4/14/2007 1:17:38 PM # Q
Yes it has some issues. Read the review at

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,


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More to online backup

eddy @ 4/16/2007 2:55:09 AM # Q
There is more to it than it meets the eye. Backup should be easy and not a hassle as such. The best thing would be able to migrate from one device to another with all the contacts and events. I personally like Zyb. Crave introduced them in mobile applications,39029453,49288311,00.htm and now i can see they are offering something for Palm too
The idea folks is simple, if you have security issues, run through the privacy policies and make up your mind. Since i cannot use this treo backup while sitting amidst the desert. I will try out other alternatives that keep getting better

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Speaking of Web-based Services

SeldomVisitor @ 4/16/2007 7:24:16 AM # Q
RE: Speaking of Web-based Services
mikecane @ 4/16/2007 9:32:38 AM # Q
I'll post it here first:

Will Palm's Third Business Involve Microsoft Web Services?

Just the question. I have no stomach for writing such a tech article.

Personally, I think the answer is Yes.

RE: Speaking of Web-based Services
SeldomVisitor @ 4/16/2007 9:38:46 AM # Q
I don't think so - I think they rolled their own using Linux.

Like the the UMPCs...this is a smack upside PALM's head...a-GAIN.

IM-Oh-So-HO, of course!

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Kudos to Scott Maxwell of BackupBuddy.Net- Already Done!

CompeauFawkes @ 4/16/2007 1:48:11 PM # Q
The full enchilada already delivered to my plate, sampled and approved over a year ago. Hopefully, Palm licensed some of his technology and shared the benefit of the Palm ecosystem--but why do I have a nagging feeling this didn't occur, but instead they took a great idea, dumbed it down, reduced the capabilities, limited the usefulness, (and for the coup de grace-- likely plan to charge more?). Well, for the Google spiders, here's the link for perpetuity: provides great 'full device' (read: ALL DATABASES YOU CHOOSE TO BACK UP!) backup to BackupBuddy's server for a low subscription rate.

Saved by butt at least four times during the past four years whilst travelling, and/or migrating from one device to another. Great way to move applications and information from one Treo to another Treo (like one old 600 to a 650, as in my case) or one 650 to 680, etc.

Give the service a whirl-- and if you have unlimited data, the Trickle backup ensures you are never 'behind' in your backups more than a few minutes.

I trust a restore from BackupBuddy.Net more than a restore from HotSync, that's for SURE.


Mike Compeau

RE: Kudos to Scott Maxwell of BackupBuddy.Net- Already Done!
CompeauFawkes @ 4/16/2007 1:55:18 PM # Q
ok, ok... typo: uh... saved me four times during the past YEAR. (sheesh, doesn't this guy proof what he writes?)

Mike Compeau
RE: Kudos to Scott Maxwell of BackupBuddy.Net- Already Done!
dphuntsman @ 4/18/2007 10:53:51 AM # Q
It's hard for me to consider this when I can't even find an app - that works - that will backup my Treo 700p to an SD card - AND THEN ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO RESTORE FROM THAT CARD.
Can ANYONE recommend something that works there, first?

DP Huntsman
Verizon Treo 700p
Mac OS 10.3

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