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This latest update in the PalmInfocenter's series profiling the comings and goings of Palm’s retail store presence brings only minor changes from our previous reports. Unsurprisingly, the same three handheld stalwarts of Palm’s handheld lineup, the TX, E2, and Z22 solder on essentially unchanged since their 2005 launch.

Read on for the full report.

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More than PDAs being cleared out at PALM retail locations

SeldomVisitor @ 5/3/2007 7:33:46 PM # Q
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not acceptible

drw @ 5/3/2007 11:29:02 PM # Q
Can you imagine two year old ipods on the mp3 shelf or two year old cell phones on the cell phone shelf?

Ok, they figured out that some people prefer thumbpads, yet none of their pda's have thumbpads. And none of the treos have wifi. The treo model numbering makes no sense. What are they going to do when they get up to to the Treo 1000?

If only there was some competition. The competition is either too big devices with slide out keyboards or crippled with non touch screen (ms smartphone os).

No one can seem to get it just right. I kind of like the hp thumbpad smartphone, but wish it were a pda instead because I already have sprint cell service.


RE: not acceptible
serpico @ 5/7/2007 11:40:27 AM # Q
I agree, imagine 2 year old ipods on the shelves or anything else such as TV's. I don't know if it really is about competition since Dell killed off their Axim line of devices. As we have read before, PDA's are losing out to smartphones and mostly running Windows Mobile in North America. Europe is mostly Symbian from what I have read.

I like my TX and motorola razr v3 combo, but there has to be something better. Treo's are bulky from my experience and looking at new devices from other manufacturers. I think Palm and hope, they have something in the works. It might be something great and hope it comes out soon. Maybe they are focusing on the iPhone too, who knows. But to build a Palm store and sell 2 year old devices along with Treo's, if they can provide cell activation too, is ridiculous. Guess they are putting all their eggs in the Treo basket.

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