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TreoWeather Treo SoftwareGx5's Treo optimized weather application, TreoWeather, has reached version 1.0. The software can display current weather conditions and forecasts for an unlimited amount of custom locations. It features automatic and scheduled updating capabilities, user selectable wallpaper images and custom fonts and overlays. The new version features a number of optimizations and bug fixes from the beta and has a new UI clean up.

TreoWeather v1.0 is available now with a free trial period. It is compatible with the Treo 650, 680, 700p and 755p. It regularly sells for $9.95, but is currently on sale for $4.95.

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Treo only?

sremick @ 5/24/2007 4:54:01 PM # Q
What's with all the Treo-only Palm apps lately? As if the Treos are the only ones that can get online. Seems pretty stupid if you ask me, companies artificially limiting their customer base so much.
RE: Treo only?
hkklife @ 5/24/2007 6:57:22 PM # Q
I'd say it's an issue of cheapness/laziness/complacency more than any technical reason. And let's face it, developers (especially POS ones) are doing everything possible these days to cut costs as they struggle to survive. Of course, cutting out a huge installed base (and still selling a few hundred thousand units per quarter) is still a bad business move IMO. TomTom6 being Treo-exclusive and running on the feeble old Treo 650 but not running on the relatively powerful TX & LifeDrive is just mind-boggling.

And Palm has been OF NO HELP WHATSOEVER in reassuring anyone--developers, customers, peripheral manufacturers--of any future of the PDA.

Still, there are no drastic technical differences between POS Treos and POS PDAs other than having to support 320x480 (and there are tons of apps & games that never did get on the 320x480 bandwagon, even in the heady days of the T3/T5).

Palm might as well change the company name to "Treo" and be done with it. I think next week will be very, very telling as far as what sort of non-Treo future products are in the pipeline.

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RE: Treo only?
Gekko @ 5/24/2007 8:15:07 PM # Q

do you go into Blockbuster and ask for the VCR Tape section???

PDAs are FOSSILS. Get over it. Welcome to 2007.

RE: Treo only?
PacManFoo @ 5/24/2007 8:48:14 PM # Q
You still go to Blockbuster? What a Loser!

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RE: Treo only?
sremick @ 5/24/2007 10:00:53 PM # Q

Compared to my T3, Treos are the VCR and my T3 is the DVD player. Only a 320x320 screen? Only a 312MHz CPU? More like welcome to 2001.

Just shut up, seriously. We all know your smartphone religion is the Palm Islam, and all other users must have their devices taken away from them. The rest of us actually have a sensible and practical head on our shoulders and recognize the reality that both serve different needs and can co-exist, but current Treos are lacking compared to standalone PDAs from years ago. When a 4yo PDA that has better specs than the latest Treo but software only works on the Treo and not the more-powerful PDA, that's just stupid. Whether you're a smartphones-only-all-other-gadgets-must-die fanboy or not.

The only "fossil" here is your stance that there can only be smartphones. Get over it and realize that not everyone has the same needs/wants as you and ours are met by PDAs and not Treos. No one is trying to take your Treo away.

RE: Treo only?
Gekko @ 5/24/2007 11:40:41 PM # Q

i'll have the last laugh, hillbilly.

RE: Treo only?
joad @ 5/25/2007 12:16:23 AM # Q
>do you go into Blockbuster and ask for the VCR Tape section???

Naw, but finding them Betamax tapes is gittin' awful difcult!!

RE: Treo only?
thefez @ 5/26/2007 4:15:48 AM # Q
Yes, it is really sad and somewhat puzzling seeing this lack of support for "old" Palm PDAs. Apparently almost everyone (HW and SW developers) is jumping on the "multi-converged total device" without understanding that different people have different needs.
And Palm, for every new device it made, has really put a senseless effort into changing small things here and there just to complicate life to users and developers. WHY?

Anyway, I've played a little with TomTom6 on both a T3 and a Treo680 and it runs flawlessly on both. For the Treo I had to wait the 6.030 update.
And despite the lower CPU speed I found the Treo 680 more responsive than the T3 during navigation and also when going through the preferences menus.

@ gekko:
My good old 2003 T3 is perfectly fitting my needs as a PDA (it lacks the WiFi but is shorter than TX).
And when I need a phone I use a real phone with the added bonuses of a good camera, a sensible MP3 player and an enjoyable FM radio with RDS (it's a Sonyericsson K750).

These are bonuses that a converged device cannot give me, or maybe can give me them at the price of not being a Palm OS one.
Both of them fit my needs. When one of them will stop working or it'll get too old will be replaced, without affecting the other one.
I really like the treo 680 and it does perform great, but it's not for me...

I respect other people when they prefer having the all-in-one solution.
Plain PDAs emerged in the past when they fitted the needs of many people, and will die only when those needs will be better satisfied by other devices. Or when manufacturers will decide to kill them and push people towards other "better" devices.

I do hope that Palm will continue manufacturing nice PDAs and improve them, listening carefully to its loyal (up to now...) customer base, as it sad seeing people forced to move away just because Palm is stagnating.
I don't like the idea that in a not too distant future the real fossil can be Palm Inc.

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Honolulu, HI?

bestoverall @ 5/24/2007 5:05:19 PM # Q
Why would you need need a weather program in Hawaii? It's always gorgeous over there isn't it?

RE: Honolulu, HI?
Gekko @ 5/24/2007 8:17:10 PM # Q

it rains there too, silly.

RE: Honolulu, HI?
joad @ 5/25/2007 12:17:40 AM # Q
...but that seemed to be the only city that this program was able to access, at least in beta. Seemed just a tad too geographically limited for my uses.

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