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Treo Pro ReviewThe Treo Pro is Palm's second new device of 2008. The Treo Pro brings something to Palm's lineup that has been sorely needed in recent times, a dramatically refreshed smartphone that delivers a modern new look with the features to match. The Treo Pro runs Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 and also makes its mark as the thinnest Treo smartphone to date. It further enhances its profile with a pleasant amount of innovative new features packed into the Palm's most attractive new design in some time.

Unlike many past Palm smartphone introductions the Treo Pro is premiering as an unlocked model first in most markets. The device will be made available online at for $549 USD beginning sometime this fall. Being an unlocked device it comes with a higher than normal price tag because of the absence of carrier subsidies and discounts. However, customers do gain the option of bringing their own SIM card and phone plan to use on the GSM network (AT&T or T-Mobile in the US) of their own choice.

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Not hardware-graphics enabled?

SeldomVisitor @ 8/29/2008 4:41:47 AM # Q
== "...With a 400MHz clock speed you would expect a
== speedier device, however on an overall basis the
== Treo Pro felt slower than its recent counterpart
== the Treo 800w with its 333 MHz chip..."

Rumor has it - and I cannot remember WHERE I read it (here?) - is that the Pro does not have hardware acceleration for graphics turned on (assuming it has the inherent capability in the first place).

Why one ODM would turn it on and one would not may speak towards difference in philosophy on robustness.

Didn't some poster here discuss this hardware 800 teak here?

RE: Not hardware-graphics enabled?
SeldomVisitor @ 8/29/2008 4:42:42 AM # Q

RE: Not hardware-graphics enabled?
JackG @ 8/29/2008 12:54:25 PM # Q
Since HTC makes the Mogul and now the Treo Pro, they've already shown their history of slow graphics. And I know because I owned a Mogul for a couple of months before I got so tired of the problems that I convinced Sprint to let me move to the Centro. I don't know who makes the 800w that I now have, but I suspect it's not HTC.

RE: Not hardware-graphics enabled?
SeldomVisitor @ 8/29/2008 1:06:25 PM # Q
As noted someplace else, HTC isn't stupid.

That is to say, they had their reasons for NOT (simply) enabling the hardware acceleration.


Bugginess of Qualcomm display drivers?

NOT using Qualcomm chips?

[I think someone posted that they DID use Qualcomm chips, though]

I don't know why they aren't using that.

But they're not stupid so I'm sure they have their reasons.

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Nice Review

LiveFaith @ 8/29/2008 6:58:29 AM # Q
Wow. I would love to have this phone. sounded great till you got to the software part. Get Palm OS on this thing and we would be in binness!

I still don't believe it even if Ryan says so. I will believe it has 3.5mm audio when I plug my own buds in. :-D

Pat Horne

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RE: Krackho likes it
SeldomVisitor @ 8/30/2008 4:05:54 PM # Q



[strangely, Jim Cramer (the guy who founded/owns apparently just said on his Fast Money that Palm is, while not necessarily a Buy, possibly worth looking at. No connection, of course...]

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stuvosler @ 9/7/2008 12:24:12 PM # Q
Does anyone know of any hard plans for the Treo Pro to be offered with the Palm OS?

If I have a Treo 700P with Verizon, is my only Palm OS option the Centro now?

RE: intell?
hkklife @ 9/7/2008 3:39:31 PM # Q
No hard or soft plans to offer it.

Right now, Palm's only "current" Palm OS product is the Centro. They MAY release a Garnet-based Centro 2 sometime early next year but for right now we have zero rumors on that.

Your only option right now is either to get one of the leftover Verizon 755p's or go with a Centro. Regardless of which choice you make, either one will be leaps beyond the 700p.

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RE: intell?
SeldomVisitor @ 9/7/2008 3:47:32 PM # Q
Au contraire - the rumors are starting up hot and heavy for PalmOS 6.

Origined right on this web site, as a matter of fact!

Can't have a PalmOS 6 without a PalmOS 6 device!


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usability review

encorbatao @ 9/10/2008 2:02:19 PM # Q
One thing that I love when using my treo 680 is how easy and fast is to find a contact and dial or send an SMS message. I find it also very user friendly when it comes to check missed calls, alarms, etc. And also I love that almost everything can be done with the dialpad (hate the stylus) and single-handed.

It would be very interesting that in future reviews of new devices you include a video on how to perform these all-day-long activities: dial number, activate speaker and mute, send - check - answer an SMS, write an email, check missed calls, visit a webpage, take a photo or a video, etc. It would provide an idea of usability and general speed of the device and **very important** żis it a two-hands device or can be operated single-handed?

Anyhow, thank you for the magnificent review... I am considering a hard upgrade and Treo Pro makes me wonder if it can be a good option...

RE: usability review
apsjr1 @ 6/10/2009 10:57:16 PM # Q
i can help you on your question about unlocked/locked?
if you buy palm treo pro unlocked you can use any carrier you want that has the sim card

locked mean that the phone you baught it from that is the only one who can provide the sevice

RE: usability review
apsjr1 @ 6/10/2009 11:02:17 PM # Q
the message that i gave was not for you it for treo pro
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Treo Pro!

ChaplainBill @ 11/6/2008 2:08:02 PM # Q
I don't understand what it means by unlocked/Locked?! Do you thing the Pro will ever be available for Verizon Acct holders? Or is that not possible?

RE: Treo Pro!
Anysia @ 1/19/2009 9:48:08 PM # Q
Locked means you are tied to one specific carrier.

Unlocked means you can insert a SIM chip to whatever TelCo you want.

RE: Treo Pro!
Valdemar23 @ 1/23/2009 3:50:30 PM # Q
It looks like Sprint is the exclusive CDMA carrier for the Pro right now.

The "unlocked" aspect of this device only applies to GSM carriers: AT&T and T-Mobil in the US.

So, it looks like Verizon users are out of luck. :( The only Verizon Palm devices currently available are the Centro and the 700wx.

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palm treo pro

plastxhome @ 3/20/2009 7:41:53 PM # Q
I must received it today, compared to treo 700p , i' wont switch, keep the treo 700p hands down.

compared to BB curve the pro is not up to par either.
it doesnt surf the web as well
the stylus is in poor location.
the battery heats up like a hot kettle. scary.
the screen even at maximum font and brightness is way to small.
no way no way no way.
Im a real palm fan because of the win OS and ease of use. but the pro is a step backwards. the keys are to cropped uo together for a man with average size hands.
i can operate my treo 700p with 1 hand no problem. not with the Pro. this is must have feature for people on the go, 1 hand operation.
the case is to slippery, they should have used some silicone to make it easier to hold and a bit larger similar to the 700p would have been perfect, this to would ahve allowed for a wider screen. Palm has issues with the batterys overheating this phone is no exception. fully charged 3 hours out 35% less battery power remains.
I can use the curve from BB for 3 days without having to recharge it and im constantly using it to surf the web via my server. and phone usage as well.

I still use my 700p for my eamils because its the best for that application , handling pdf, excel and word are also a favorite for me to use the 700p.

why did palm not look at the BB curve and incorporate its ease to surf and phone features and battery life and melt it in with the awsome Palm documents and email features I so love with palm windows o/s.

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Treo pro

robjohnson @ 4/24/2009 7:04:45 AM # Q
Too slow, I would say irritatingly slow, compared to say my previous Treo 650, or current (after I threw away Treo Pro) Nokia E71. Windows 6.1 freezes often and in general has all the features that make windows so "beloved" by professional programmers. Palm OS was a great piece of software and Windows 6.1 has definitely killed the whole pleasure of having Treo Pro.
The worst thing probably in Treo Pro. Practically unreadable under sunlight (compare to the BB, LG or Nokia), bluefish or whitish tint is so strong that you get the impression manufacturers have done it intentionally to spoil the look and as far as the screen is the most important thing for a smartphone, you just get irritated all the time as you always think it is dirty all the time. To say nothing of the screensaver, which is absolutely poor and pale.
Very ineffective, keys situated in straight rows, which, after Treo 650 with curved rows, is just unpleasant to look at. Smaller keys, distance between them smaller, in general a step back, if not a couple. Accuracy does not suffer too much either, but when you say every time that this or that feature has not suffered too much, it means it has suffered and when you sum up all that has suffered "not too much" , you get what you would not want if you knew at the end.
Wireless Data & Wi-Fi
If these features were not there why purchase that phone these days at all?
Good in very good light and terrible in normal light and less.
No two full days at all, you have to recharge every day, especially if you want to see anything on the screen. Often left without power, I had to turn it off. Nothing like that happened with my Treo 650 or current phone.
Absolutely nothing noteworthy.
Treo Pro Software
So little left from Palm OS that there is nothing to discuss. Whatever new is there it comes from HTC or Windows, but when you hold a Palm in your hand you want it to be Palm and not HTC mixed with Windows, plus being always mistaken by people around you as an iPhone.
GPS, Messaging, Web, Office & Other Apps
Multimedia & Entertainment
Shamefully poor
A totally average device, bringing remarkable disappointment. Quite normal in this world nowadays.

RE: Treo pro
anika200 @ 5/21/2009 10:58:13 AM # Q
So your Nokia E71 felt faster than the treo pro? I had the Nokia E62 and it was dog slow. Did they ever add any useful apps to that line of phones? I had a few cool apps but they froze some on the Nokia simbian os of the time maybe 1 yr ago. I actually did have a couple of cool games for the E62 phone.
Anyway, a slow phone bites big time no matter how cool it is.
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jess329 @ 5/8/2009 12:54:22 PM # Q
Looks good
I'm forever dropping my phone and I've found that a carrying string is the best thing there is.
So my one concern is this- is there the opening in the phone in which the carrying string can be attached ?

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pocket Quicken Application

apsjr1 @ 6/11/2009 9:30:10 AM # Q
Does any one know if pocket quicken work with the palm treo pro

If it does please give me a report on how well

If it does not give me a report on why it doesn't work


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Problems with Treo Pro and Service

chip @ 7/3/2009 11:28:24 AM # Q
I've had a Treo Pro about two months and it's the last Palm I'm going to buy. I don't have ANY third party software installed (as instructed by Palm), yet the phone locks up when receiving calls, making calls, and when it's being used. The switch on top of the phone to turn the phone on and off has never worked, meaning that when I go into meetings and turn the switch on vibrate, the phone will frequently ring. Today, the buttons on the phone started performing functions other than what they were programmed to perform requiring a soft reset each time this recurs. I've had nothing but trouble with the phone and am now told that I must be without a phone for five to seven business days for a repair. Good bye Palm. Even though my phone is brand new, I'm switching to an I-Phone.
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Palm Pro

Vilgiate @ 7/25/2009 12:04:33 PM # Q
This is my 2nd Palm. I had the 755p for two years and loved it. The Palm Pro is even better. I have not had any problems with it and I was able to set it up for email and contects in just a few minutes. I am not very computer savy, but it was easy to understand and work. I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a good phone for phone calls and a palm computer to up to date with news, sports, and the like.
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carrying string can be attached

NevTx @ 8/14/2009 7:19:03 PM # Q
So my one concern is this- is there the opening in the phone in which the carrying string can be attached ?

Yes, there is a tiny slit..and I mean tiny on the lower left corner.

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Palm Treo Pro

allteluser @ 9/16/2009 12:02:23 PM # Q
This phone simply SUCKS! there really is no better was to discribe it other than that.

This specific model, which thankfully I have not had anyothers, consistantly locks up. This applies to the internet, the text messages and calendar. Once this happens the only way to get it to start working is to take the battery out, just deleted all unread messages. WOW that really is a win win situation right? (not)

and my latest of course is touching the space bar closes all the windows and brings you to the main screen. Wait it does more magic tricks! fit it one more time and brings up your call log. :) Best of luck to anyone that has this phone, I picked up my 6th replacement today. Lucky me.

RE: Palm Treo Pro
SeldomVisitor @ 9/16/2009 12:28:34 PM # Q
I wonder if it will be getting the WinMo 6.5 upgrade a gajillion manufacturers have agreed to launch on October 6th.

Or perhaps a new Palm WinMo phone?

RE: Palm Treo Pro
hkklife @ 9/16/2009 1:15:06 PM # Q

No insider info here, just my gut assumption.

I think, despite arguably possessing the best set of overall specs on a front-facing Palm smartphone to date, we have seen the final Palm WinMob device in the Treo Pro. I also highly, highly doubt that we'll see it offered with a 6.5 upgrade or pre-loaded with 6.5. Remember the rumor immediately post-CES that the entire WM team had been dissolved?

Sprint has already removed the Treo Pro from their standard retail lineup, offering it only online and as a special mail-order device. Alltel is just a shell of its former self and AT&T never "officially" offered the device in subsidized form, save for the unbranded BestBuy subsidized version. So with no carrier support for testing etc. I highly doubt Palm will be motived to devote $ and manpower to testing and deploying an OS for rollout on a device that could theoretically cannibalize Pixi and Pre sales.

On the other hand, Verizon could always come out of nowhere with a version of the CDMA TP running 6.5. It would be unlikely but not impossible, as VZW was the only carrier to officially offfer the Treo 700wx with WM 6 last fall and Verizon's recently-acquired Alltel also still offers the Pro so it wouldn't have any major network issues.

SV, didn't you point out something from Palm's last quarterly announcement about an unexpected sale of handsets that had previously been written off? The Treo 800w on Verizon rumors from a few months ago would be a lot more believable if it was the Pro instead of the 800w...
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RE: Palm Treo Pro
SeldomVisitor @ 9/16/2009 1:23:20 PM # Q
Yes, that unexpected sale made the gross margin of Palm acceptable, without it the margins would have been something like 16% (well into the "losing money hand over fist" range).

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My new Treo Pro

SRS8238 @ 10/26/2009 12:34:41 PM # Q
Beautiful look and feel, love having a touchscreen and keyboard. This is it for positive things I have to say about the phone... I had a MotorolaQ9 before this and even that piece of junk phone was better. The Pro just doesn't allow for any customization, web browsing is very slow and it wont play videos through google video. It freezes a lot. Just isnt any good. Also you have to click through a few screens to open programs rather than just having the icon on the desktop (which was fully customizable on my Q9)
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Used Treo Pro

fhext @ 11/13/2009 5:59:53 AM # Q
I"m looking for a used Treo Pro for parts. Like many of the other comments before this, I have had the same problem with it locking down during phone calls, start up, at random, you name it. The last time it locked up I found that the one major thing the Treo Pro doesn't handle was flying. Actually, I believe it was the landing. I have a few months left on my contract before being able to upgrade phones, so If I can find a replacement outer shell and put this thing back together< I'll be able to limp along a while longer.
RE: Used Treo Pro
danricks @ 12/19/2009 8:54:27 AM # Q
I have a working Treo Pro (only used a few days) that I am willing to sell to someone.
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Not upgradeable

davparker @ 1/19/2010 6:27:01 PM # Q
Don't buy this phone. There are no plans to upgrade the OS to 6.5, much less 7. Palm is doing it's customers a disservice.
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Palm Treo Pro

apluspest @ 5/10/2010 2:31:56 PM # Q
This is a terrible phone. It is designed poorly. I have taken it back to the Sprint store 6 times and am on my way for a 7th. It has been replaced once & hard rebooted twice. The stylus broke & they won't give me one that fits. Now it won't lock & it reboots itself. Sprint or Palm will not replace with another brand and I am very unhappy. I will not buy a Palm phone again.
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