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If you've been considering selling your Palm on Ebay, looks like there's never been a better time than the present. As previously reported, shortages of LCD screens and flash memory have limited Palm's ability to increase production and keep up with strong demand. This has led to some higher than retail price sales on internet auction sites. C|Net is even reporting that people have been asking stores when the next shipment of Palms is arriving and then lining up to purchase them. Palm expects the shortage may lighten up in this quarter.
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Plenty of Visors

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2000 11:04:04 AM #
Why pay more for a Palm when Visor kicks ass? Everyone complains about Visor's lack of Flash, but looks like Handspring has the advantage this time.
RE: Plenty of Visors
Ed @ 6/15/2000 5:19:20 PM #
We're still too early in the development cycle of the Palm OS for me to be willing to pass up on the ability to upgrade. In another few generations when the updates become more incremental I might be willing to settle for a non-Flashable Visor.

Anyone ever heard any rumors about a Visor that does have a FlashROM? I'd love to be able to use some SpringBoard modules but not at the cost of giving up the ability to upgrade.

re: plenty of visors

gourry @ 6/16/2000 12:26:30 AM #
what the hell are you talkin about? Visor rocks, besided, it only costs about $30 more to buy a _new_ visor than it does to upgrade a pilot... combined with pilot's $400 min pricetag and Handspring's springboards, Visor is clearly the better choice anyway
RE: re: plenty of visors
Paul @ 6/16/2000 4:29:16 AM #
Um... Palms at $400.000 min. ?
$137 Palm IIIe
$163 Palm IIIe Special Edition
$209 Palm IIIx
$214 Palm III
$239 Palm IIIxe
$274 Palm V
I've had three friends' Visors go belly up in the last two months. They all want to get Palms. I really want the Visor to do well. It'll keep Palm on their toes. However, until they gain flash, (which I use for back-ups as well as OS upgrades) and durability, I'll have to wait.
RE: re: plenty of visors
Ryan Nelson @ 6/16/2000 9:42:13 AM #
I've had on order a Palm IIIxe, the direct competitor to the Visor Deluxe. I am paying $219(US funds and its bundled with a case)shipped to my door. I get the flash and a tried and true name for $30 plus shipping less than the Handspring. I only have to wait!


Visor rules!

Edgar @ 6/16/2000 8:25:35 PM #
I don't think the problem of not being able to update the OS is a big issue. What kind of aplications are you looking for? What do you expect to get better? I don't need no OS updates!
RE: Visor rules!
Paul P. @ 6/17/2000 4:14:07 AM #
The last Palm OS upgrade (3.5)resulted in a significant increase in operating speed, stability, as well as several subtle but very nice enhancements. I really feel that to be worth having the OS in flash RAM.
I also use Flash Pro, which is indespensible IMO.

Cheap Palms

James Barrera @ 6/17/2000 1:51:26 AM #
Where do all of you get these prices for your Palms? I have only seen the Vx for around $300. Anyway I really like my Visor, I like USB Hotsync, 8my of RAM, and the expandability of the Springboard slot. I'll be in line for the 6pak from InnoGear- modem,cell modem,voice record,8mb Flash RAM,vibrating alarm, and yes even a blinking light. (you all know you need a light) Seriously though, if you know where I can get a Palm for under the list price, please post the web address.
RE: Cheap Palms
Paul P. @ 6/17/2000 4:11:47 AM #
Hey James,
Go to Go to the Shopper section and input Palm. You'll get a list of the best prices on the web.
Good Luck.

re:Plenty of Visors

Rick M. @ 6/17/2000 10:16:50 AM #
I didn't care about flash ROM when I got my Visor, and I still don't. The only problems I have is with sub-par software causing resets. With springboard modules, I can have 16M of memory on my hip.
Modules are slow coming to market, but I think they'll be well worth the wait.

TRGpro In Stock @ 6/20/2000 10:00:30 AM #
Don't forget that the Visor isn't the only Palm alternative. There are plenty of TRGpros in stock, too." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Palms shortage

Chan @ 6/23/2000 10:53:19 PM #
Is is true, or just rumors that the Palm shortage is created by Palm
created by Palm to boost the units' prices?

palm shortage

Angus @ 6/23/2000 11:39:18 PM #
Visor, well, USB, I see, so what's the difference between 8 seconds and 16 seconds, nothing. Besides, Visor is so bulky and can't fit in anyone with a normal wallet. Also cheap plastic, who cares about so many colors stuff. My ex-palm v even better.

watch out!

40 @ 6/29/2000 4:48:58 PM #
i got my 1st Vx on ebay, cracked screen and all. the seller was nowhere to be found afterwards as well. it took two weeks for me to get my money back....


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