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Fonts Palm WebOSThe Font Bureau, a Boston based typographic firm, has announced that they designed and developed a set of fonts specifically for the Palm Pre and WebOS. The fonts, named Prelude, were designed by Font Bureau co-founder David Berlow, who has also developed fonts for Microsoft and Apple.

Prelude is an original sans serif design of simple, generous letterforms which provide a clear, comfortable, and inviting experience for navigation and readability. A family of six fonts was developed for the Palm Pre. A related set of fonts, named Apres, which are tuned specifically for use in print and marketing, were also developed by Berlow and the Font Bureau.

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over looked aspect of OS

anika200 @ 6/15/2009 12:29:08 PM # Q
There were no comments on this for Days which leads me to the point. Fonts are Hugely overlooked! What would an OS be without a new cool font?
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