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Preware Dark SideThe most advanced webOS homebrew installer continued its seemingly-unstoppable march towards 1.0 yesterday, as the dauntless WebOS Internals crew pushed out the latest version of their little piece of open-source magic. Preware 0.9 is now available for one and all to download from the usual sources: you can access it (and the required accompanying Package Manager Serivce) via webOS Quick Install or grab the source direct from the git repository.

New to 0.9 are two very cool bling options: firstly, the PreThemer package feed has been added to the list, allowing you to install new themes directly to your Pre without going via the PreThemer website. (To restore the default Palm theme, simply use Preware to remove your custom one.) Second, Preware itself now offers an option to use the ultra-sexy Palm Dark theme. Schwing!

Don't walk, run. Download now - and try not to drool too much. Also: please hit the jump for a full list of Preware credits - and details on a special way you could show your appreciation.

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DarthRepublican @ 9/17/2009 1:58:12 PM # Q
They updated the Package Manager Service (upon which Preware depends) so it no longer crashes so much! Because of this Preware now starts up more quickly and doesn't get stuck on a screen that complains that the Package Manager Service is not running. Preware is coming along quite nicely as an installed. Preware can also now install services so I don't need to go running to my desktop every time that the Package Manager Service gets updated. I'd say that with this update that Preware has moved ahead of File Coaster as the best Pre installer.
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