PreThemer Pretties up Palm Pre Phones

palm pre themes skins Updated: Re-skinning your Palm smartphones is a time-honored custom, with apps like the (excellent) PalmRevolt helping us all pretend the era of Cobalt had arrived long after the dream had already died its horrible, drawn-out death. We may soon have the opportunity to re-live our crushed 2004 hopes on webOS, though, as the artistically-inclined Marcus F has launched PreThemer, a new site for the uploading and free sharing of custom webOS skins.

It's definitely early days, and the selection is still small. But it's all perfectly usable: currently available are custom wallpapers, icon sets, and boot logos (my favourite being this sweet U.S.S. Enterprise, complete with glowing deflector). All the mods are available as ipk file downloads, making it a snap to install them with webOS Quick Install. If you want to restore the default Palm theme, a tipster has pointed us to a download link here. Might want to grab it while it's hot, since it may not stay up forever.

Update: PreThemer themes are now easily installed OTA by Preware, everyone's favourite hombrew installer.

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How funny

Tuckermaclain @ 9/16/2009 5:18:52 PM # Q
You chose a Star Trek background. Back when I had a Visor Deluxe and all my other friends used to beam notes and records people thought we were totalGeeks/ Dorks. I guess they were right. I think we need a special William Shatner edition..
RE: How funny
Tuckermaclain @ 9/16/2009 5:22:34 PM # Q
And a flip top screen so it looks like a communicator. That would be pretty cool, especially if you could make star trek sounds. A Spock Vulcan Blue-tooth earphone would pretty much complete it. Screw it. I'm in. Wouldn't wear the bluetooth to a club though--unless it was a convention.
RE: How funny
hkklife @ 9/16/2009 6:14:59 PM # Q
I am honestly surprised that none of those oddball Asian peripheral companies (Brando etc) have produced an unofficial, unauthorized knockoff of Uhura's earpiece from TOS that's also a BT headset. I am certain that some of the convention types would buy 'em---and use 'em--in a heartbeat!

P.S. Timmmay's a big Trek fan. He loved the Trek reboot, whereas I thought it was kinda lame in most aspects. I don't think Ryan thought much of the new Trek either.
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RE: How funny
Tim Carroll @ 9/17/2009 3:11:23 AM # Q
An Uhura earpiece? That'd be awesome. I'd buy one.

Yep, I'm a Trekkie. Proud of it. The new movie was very much a love/hate experience for me. Loved:

*The new actors, who all did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the original characters - except perhaps John Cho's Sulu, who came across a lot blander than the original (mostly for lack of things to do). And Simon Pegg's Scotty was perhaps a bit too OTT. Kirk/Spock/Bones though, absolutely brilliant. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to accept anyone who filled in for Shatner, but Pine blew me away. Perfect combination of arrogance, charm and sleaze.

*The SFX, which finally gave Trek a healthy dose of Star Wars-esque panache.


*The plot with holes you could drive a truck through. Stupidest of all - Vulcan, a desert planet, has a sister planet close enough that you can clearly see it in the sky, yet it's a freaking ice world?? Makes no sense!! Actually, worse than that might be the idea that you have to use a ridiculously easily-disabled drill (i.e. vulnerable to hand phasers) to a planet's core in order to drop a black hole bomb that destroys it. Wouldn't it be just as effective if you left one in orbit...?

*The new Enterprise. Blech. The proportions are all outta whack. Easily the worst rendition of the big E I've ever seen.

*The music. Wasn't a patch on Horner's TWOK/TSFS score, or Eidelmann's TUC score, or even the music from the TNG flicks.

As for a special Shatner edition, I'd be all over that. Say what you like about the man's acting abilities (or lack thereof), he's entertaining like nobody else.
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RE: How funny
peterscot @ 2/26/2010 7:52:34 AM # Q

Hi everyone..
Guys i bought new palm smart phone last week and i need some good looking skin on it. So i have searched a lot regarding this and came through a website ,
Is this website is really good in providing palm pre skins?
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