Best Buy to Offer $150 TouchPad PC Bundle

HP TouchPad best buy Even with an uncertain future facing the platform, HP has just announced a new TouchPad-related deal via a joint promotion with retail giant Best Buy. This latest "deal" offers consumers a $150 32GB TouchPad (HP's standard, non-bundle clearance price) with the purchase of select HP or Compaq Desktop, Laptop, or all-in-one PCs at Best Buy.

This offer is set to begin November 1st, and will be available through and all brick and mortar retail stores nationwide. No word on the quantity of units available for this promotion or an effective end date for the promotion, though speculation is running rampant that these TouchPads are part of the "final batch" of TouchPads promised back in August.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Fake Jeff Hawkins @ 11/4/2011 9:12:09 PM # Q
Try again. HP should have marketed the TouchPad this way when they first decided to blow them out. Now, anything more than the no-strings-attached $99 and $149 pricing seems "expensive".

I picked up 3 of the 32 GB TouchPads (one already given away as a gift) and a few Veer when the sale first started. A few impressions:

1) webOS is STILL essentially a beta OS

2) the webOS UI is well done, but RIM stole some of the best ideas of webOS and managed to create an even more polished OS on the BlackBerry PlayBook

3) The TouchPad is far too heavy, thick, and plasticky - whoever approved the design thinking it could compete at the same price point as the iPad is an iDiot

4) TouchPad screen randomly does not register touch inputs for an unacceptably large percentage of taps - this type of lack of attention to detail makes it a poor choice compared to the iPad even at the blowout price

5) I'd like to get one of the 7 inch webOS tablets if they were made as thin as the iPad or Samsung tablets - RIM's PlayBook has shown me that a 7 inch screened tablet is the ideal compromise between viewing and portability

6) Veer has marginal voice quality and the magnetic connector is a ridiculous Rube Goldberg-style annoyance, but for $50- $80 it makes a decent backup phone; too bad I had to send the first one I activated back due to hardware failure

7) while I prefer small phones, Veer just might be TOO SMALL for daily use - I switched back to my unlocked Centro and find I prefer the Centro form factor over the Veer

8) Veer fits perfectly into the right front pocket (watch pocket) of my jeans, but it's actually difficult to extract it from the pocket, resulting in a few missed calls

9) webOS UI needs a bigger screen than the Veer provides and the keyboard is too small - Palm should have just made a non-slider mini slab with all touchscreen instead

10) Veer certainly attracts a lot of attention - it appears that there's a healthy market for small phones and that not everyone likes the 4.5 inch monster phones that manufacturers keep hawking; I'd love to see Apple come out with a 2.5 or 3 inch "iPhone Mini" and watch them instantly crush this ridiculous Monster phone fad

- Fake Jeff Hawkins

RE: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
hkklife @ 11/5/2011 7:57:12 AM # Q
1. Agreed, though WebOS in its current form is an "acceptable" beta. WebOS circa 2009-early 2010 was unacceptable pre-Alpha quality

2. Yep, but I expect RIM to pull the plug on the PB hardware ANY day now

3. Agreed wholeheartedly. If the TP had arrived on the scene within 12 months of iPad 1 it would be have been (mostly) fine. If it had arrived mid-2011 in its current formfactor but undercutting the iPad2 by $100 or more, it would be acceptable. But to go head-to-head with the iPad 2 at the same price points was doomed to failure from the start.
I still give props to HP for the superb audio quality and having the sense to go with a conventional microUSB charger port.

4. Definitely agree on this one. The little "tap" ripple animation will even display and yet no actual input is registered by the OS

5. I doubt the 7" TouchPad would be as sleek as the iPad or Galaxy Tabs but it would certainly have been a huge improvement over the 9.7" TP. 7" and 1024x600 is a tad limiting but I would love to have a 7" 720p screen and I could go all the way up to 8.2" or so. Sammy's 8.9" Tab is just a tad too wide for my tastes. Moto's upcoming 8.2" Xoom 2 is likely another DOA Android tablet but it or Sammy's 7.7" 1280x800 might be the absolutely perfect screen sizes

6. Yep. Too bad they didn't flood the market with these unlocked for $150 from the start.

7. Ditto. Centro was almost perfect. A proper Centro 2 that was a little bit thinner, had a slightly larger screen, a 3.5mm headphone jack and the 128MB style "squishy" keys would have been an awesome device. It's still amazing how much Palm was able to pack into the "cheap" Centro in 2007--tons of worthwhile pre-loaded software, expandable storage, removable battery, a d-pad, QWERTY keyboard, legacy Athena and 2.5mm connectors, IR port, ring/vibrate switch etc etc etc.

8. I'd never carry a Veer as a daily driver, so no comment

9. Yep. A thin all-touchscreen 3.4" or so Veer would have been a really nice little device. But WebOS is already cramped on a Pre's screen with a physical keyboard. Adding a virtual keyboard to the mix would probably have made things nigh unusable.

10. I LOVE the monster phones, especially of the LTE variety, and consider 4.7" or so the upper limit of pocketability, as long as they don't start sacrificing expandable storage and removable batteries (a trend that is sadly becoming uncomfortably common on the latest Android devices). As someone who juggled/fumbled with 2 devices ever since the days of carrying an original Pilot alongside a clunky MicroTAC, even a "big" smartphone with an extended battery is manageable. There's room in the market for both mini and macro phones (though perhaps not in the mindshare of US consumers). It's just a shame that we are so beholden to the carriers here in the USA and cannot pick and choose a variety of unlocked devices/formfactors at retail for our phones.

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RE: Ha
linds @ 11/9/2011 12:10:52 PM # Q
I don't think Rim can pull the plug on the Play book. It's the only hardware out there that they have running the new OS. It will be interesting to see who is where next year this time.
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