New Palm InfoCenter Poll: Who will make your next Handheld?

We asked a variation of this question last year but the market has changed radically since then. Also, lots of handhelds have been announced but aren't yet available and we wanted to know how strong interest in these is. So please cast your vote and maybe add a comment to this article to explain why you feel the way you do.

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Sony for Me

Hared @ 7/21/2000 5:14:29 PM #
I think Sony is the way to go. I want color and removable storage and Sony is the the best option for that. Besides, Sony has really deep pockets and can afford to do some serious R&D and stick with it if the thing takes a while to catch on.

Though I may hold off to buy anything until I see the new offerings next year with the 200 MHz StrongARM processors. My guess is that Palm will be the first one out with those.


James @ 7/22/2000 2:19:48 AM #
Unless Palm comes out with something that has better expansion capabilities Visor gets my money next time...

cool perk

hellokitty @ 7/22/2000 3:09:18 AM #
make doesn't matter that much, the formula that matters is as folows!
but i would be nice with color palm with text, sound and image compapility. And HELLO! 8meg is not a lot of memory.

Sony or Visor

MMasters @ 7/22/2000 4:05:04 AM #
Unless Palm comes out with a color Palm Vx soon then I'll be buying a new Sony as soon as it comes out. I've really liked Palm (III and V), but I feel that they've begun to fall behind, and need to really tow the line if they hope to catch up.
RE: Sony or Visor
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/2000 4:54:03 PM #
There's not that much wireless comunication on palm color is't soon to die

iPaq PocketPC

Chad @ 7/22/2000 1:46:38 PM #


Stavs @ 7/22/2000 3:01:49 PM #
Right now I have a Palm Vx, but my next one will be an Apple if they do in fact release one. Newton was ahead of its time, but it was too big. Apple can dominate this market with some effort.
RE: Apple @ 7/23/2000 8:36:24 AM #
I think we have to take Steve Jobs at his word and give up any hope that there ever will be a an Apple handheld. What with having to totally re-do their OS while maintaining their current slim market share, Apple simply doesn't have the spare resources to create a viable handheld.

Which isn't to say they will never, ever create one but it won't happen in the foreseeable future.

RE: Apple
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2000 10:05:15 PM #
I'd have to agree here unfortunately. There is no value in Apple simply doing an OEM'd device, to be compelling it would need some "whiz bang" Apple technology (of which there is much). "Apple make computers, and computers have keyboards" is what Steve Jobs said about the Newton *murder*. I'm an Apple share-holder and I think a handheld from them would be great, but I just can't see anyone digging into Steve's arse to remove his head.

Compaq iPaq Pocket PC

GPS @ 7/22/2000 3:49:18 PM #
Pocket PC for me....goodbye Palm!
RE: Compaq iPaq Pocket PC
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2000 12:24:04 PM #
Too bad.
RE: Compaq iPaq Pocket PC
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 12:37:17 AM #
Ya you da man, take the WinCE train everybody! I think I see Palm up ahead, we're catching up!

I don't know yet

cyborg3000 @ 7/22/2000 4:45:21 PM #
I'm a huge fan of the Palm V series of organizers. I really hope that they improve on the series in their next releases. And, that way I won't have to buy new accessories!!

What make next

Chan @ 7/22/2000 7:05:11 PM #
Pocket PC looks verry good, although I have to use one
to see for myself. Too many features can be distracting, though.

wont it hurt

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/22/2000 8:58:37 PM #
wont it hurt if your girlfriend had one and while you are driving she starts giving you a hand job............. OUCH


(William Barry) @ 7/22/2000 8:58:37 PM #
My guess is that Sony will try and fail because Palm is still leading the pack with handspring a close second and this is how it will be for some time you have to look out there out of 100 people who use PDA's 80% are using a palm and how many of them will lose their palm for something new I know that I am never switching from palmto anything else.

It's in my hand now!

Ken @ 7/23/2000 11:19:49 AM #
It's a Palm Vx and even at 3 weeks of age, I can say it was the right choice. I plan on enjoying it for many years to come. Way to go Palm!


Rick @ 7/23/2000 11:30:57 AM #
After owning a Casio E11 and comparing the new PocketPC to the Palm Vx, I bought a Vx in June. The size, weight & speed sold me. I don't need music or video! The Microsoft OS locked up daily while the Palm hasn't froze yet. I hope my next PDA is a color Palm V series with 32 megs.

Palm V

Paul @ 7/23/2000 11:56:30 AM #
I currently have a Palm V and I really love the thing. I don't need more than the 2.8 megs of memory it has (800kb flash) and the size factor is really great. I don't think I could move to anything bigger after being spoiled by the sleek and small size.

In a year or two my new PDA will be something with the same form factor but newer feature such as color and good sound.

Probably Sony or Handspring

Steve @ 7/23/2000 11:57:19 AM #
but I'm really hoping that Palm does something, so I can keep using my accessories; also my wife has a Palm so it'd be nice to use the same sync craddle.

first something new, then I'll buy

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2000 12:58:29 PM #
At the moment none of the PDA offerings offer any substantial new things I am currently missing out on with my Palm 3x. When a new PDA comes out with something REALLY new, I'll consider it. It has to run PALM OS, that's for sure. But a memory-stick, expansion slot or even a colored case, don't qualify as useful new features to me.

Maybe bluetooth, wireless-without-bulk, or something of the kind will make me think about something new.

I'll wait...

new palm

Gourry @ 7/23/2000 3:20:46 PM #
Well, I'm not shure WHO will make it (I'm intrested in this color visor roumer) But I know where I'll buy it : Staples. I had been going for three months with the only protection for my visor being the included screen protecter and a bandana wrapped arround it. Well I bought the handspring bifold leather case, and WITHIN AN HOUR I open it up and the visor falls out ( does that not suck) Well I take the thing to Staples (where i bought it) and returned it. the guy then asked ti see the visor ( my poor baby) and pops it in the holder, and lo and behold it falls out . Much to my surprise he replaced the visor ( wich I thought was a lost cause) and gave me the refund on the holder. I buy all my visor stuff there now, because those guys really take care of you.
RE: new palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2000 9:36:38 AM #
I've hand similar experiences with Staples. They really are tops!
RE: Visor Deluxe
drshrink @ 5/7/2001 12:55:00 AM #
My son and I both have the visor Deluxe. ThIs has been a great PDA for both of us. I bought mine at Best Buys and
his at Staples. The screen on his was accidently smashed.
We went back to Staples without the reciept and just showed
them the unit. It wasn't their fault at all. They tried to look up
a copy of the original receipt but couldn't find it. They just handed him a new Visor with no other questions asked.
They had no good reason to do this. Staples is Great in my
book. The staff at Handspring are equally as good. They
have no problems helping you or bending over backwards
to satisfy you. I don't usually have a high opinion with customer support in any industry. These two companies can't be beat. I've bought a few products at Circuit City and
Comp USA with Insurance and all documentation. Both companies could care less about their customers. That goes
straight up to the CEO's offices at both companies. Never got
results. But ***** stars for Staples and Handspring. They make a great team in the customer service area.

It's hard to say... @ 7/23/2000 5:44:00 PM #
Having just picked up my first PDA, a Palm IIIc, I find it hard to say who will get my money for the next one.

The next generation of PDA's promise to provide more power, more RAM, more add-on capabilities (sounds like the computer industry in general eh?), and more software; but until these products actually hit the market, it's a crystal ball situation.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2000 11:59:21 PM #
Hanspring Visor!

Why support palm? Where is 3.5 upgrade for IIIx?

David @ 7/24/2000 12:03:23 AM #
I am disgusted with Palm. Many months after IIIx is out for the NEWER palm devices, my IIIx is still waiting for the new ROM to flash. Palm does not support their current owners worth a d*mn.

The IIIx my choice over the IIIe BECAUSE I could upgrade the OS when a new OS version became available.


Letters to tech support (very polite letters...) are met with nothing but indifference. Not even a hint that they are WORKING on it.

I want some of the new datebook features in 3.5. I paid MORE for my machine to take advantage of the FLASH. But no go. Palm has forsaken me.

Yes, there are ways to flash your rom without palms blessings. That tends to destroy your warrantee...


RE: Why support palm? Where is 3.5 upgrade for IIIx?
Matt @ 7/24/2000 2:59:21 AM #
I upgraded my IIIx to v3.5 several months ago. The upgrade was on palms website! Is it no longer there? I might have the ROM still on my hard drive, let me know if you are interested.

RE: Why support palm? Where is 3.5 upgrade for IIIx?
reidjazz @ 7/24/2000 9:22:25 AM #
I'm interested in OS 3.5 for my IIIx too!! It seems that Palm has indeed forgotten all the IIIx users who paid for the ability to upgrade their OS. That was a major selling point for me. Palm???!!!! Are you listening?!!
RE: Why support palm? Where is 3.5 upgrade for IIIx?
krais @ 7/26/2000 11:48:37 PM #
"tends to destroy your warrantee"??? i flashed OS3.3 on my Palm III a while back, something went bad, and 3Com sent me a replacement III in a couple days. Sure, i made it sound like a hardware failure, but they never asked me anything about flashing a new ROM on (and i never told 'em).....
RE: Where is 3.5 upgrade for IIIx? @ 7/27/2000 9:02:52 AM #
I think he's referring to what might happen to you if you had problems after flashing your Palm to one of the pirated copies of 3.5 that are floating around the Web. I'm not sure if Palm would replace your handheld or not if this happened.

Stay with IIIc

Herman Kwan @ 7/24/2000 12:27:07 AM #
I will wait for the upcoming wireless connection software before choosing a new handheld. Basically I like the IIIc very much but wireless connection will be a good enhancement. I think many Palm users outside US and Canada are also longing for that.

TRG (Pro)

pcruthven @ 7/24/2000 12:24:23 AM #
I'd have to go with TRG, Cool machine & no new accessorys to buy. Also TRG keeps the software upto date.

My Wish list.. Colour, Palm III series form Factor (with good old serial port), Bluetooth (internal not an extra CF card), IR, CF Slot, headphone socket.

Whith this, I could send & recive emails from my cellphone(IR & Bluetooth), conect to a mini Bluetooth network/ other Plam's without IR's line of sight. Lisen to MP3's (let's face it, no room for a good speaker), not to mention I can still keep my old accessorys... best of all its not MS & it will work with my MAC!!


Edward Doan @ 7/24/2000 1:12:59 AM #
Probably the most-ignored Palm OS licensee is IBM! Although the Workpad is a Palm clone, IBM's service surpasses that of any PDA manufacturer. Plus, the sleek black Workpad always gets 2nd looks!

TRGpro My Best Choice

Matthew Bennet @ 7/24/2000 1:43:58 AM #
I bought my first Palm about 5 months ago, it was a Palm IIIx which was great. I upgraded last week so my wife could have the IIIx, I now have a TRGpro 8megs plus 32meg of CF RAM!! Excelent. This was the thing that really sold me as I was running out of ram on the IIIx and still wanted to install 1.7meg prog. Plus the TRGpro still worked with my Palm Portable keyboard, which I am using now, plus it also works with my global pulse contection to my nokia mobile phone. Palm OS handhelds are all great, its just getting the one that works best for you.

Who Cares

Andy Forrest @ 7/24/2000 4:13:11 AM #
I Don't mind who'll make it as long as it does what I want it to. Will look at PocketPC but as an iMac user will stick to PalmOS as syncs to the Apple.

works great

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2000 8:10:58 AM #
I have one , it works great; except when I have to recharge


matty @ 7/24/2000 8:51:44 AM #
i have a visor now, and i only see it getting better. i agree w/ not wanting to change platforms in order to keep peripherals, so i'm not moving on... when better form factors with color come out, that'll be all i'll need.

Happy For Now, But...

Vicki Shepherd @ 7/24/2000 9:07:35 AM #
I just replaced my original Palm Pilot Professional with a Palm IIIxe in February and am still in the extended honeymoon phase, but my instincts tell me that the next purchase may be a Pocket PC mainly because of the extended storage and the ability to use Word and other Windows programs. I wouldn't consider such a purchase, tho, until the prices come down and some of the bugs get worked out.--Probably at least a year away.

My Next PDA

Jim Roberts @ 7/24/2000 9:08:17 AM #
Definately will be the next Handspring offering!
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