Quickies: New Web Server, AvantGo IPO and PDA Toolbox

New PalmInfocenter web server
Just a little note that we are back on our new webserver. The site should be faster and more reliable and the ASP errors should be gone for good. -Ryan

AvantGo IPO
AvantGo is going to have its initial public offering soon and they just announced that their stock will debut between $9 and $11. They are going to offer 5.5 million shares to raise money for more marketing efforts and to continue the company's growth. They had revenue of $3.8 million last quarter with losses of $11.5 million. During the same quarter last year, they had losses of $2.7 million on $0.9 million in revenue.

PDA Toolbox Bug Fixed
Last week, the developers of the PDA Toolbox were finally able to correct the long-standing bug that meant that the Palm apps it created couldn't be used on OS 3.5 devices. We published a review of the PDA Toolbox a while back.

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Pay per View

Ciarán Bohane @ 8/9/2000 4:12:10 AM #
I hope that the fact that AvantGo will have to answer to shareholders, won't mean that they will start charging.
RE: Pay per View
Ed @ 8/9/2000 8:18:35 AM #
I believe they intent to make money from consumers, not by charging them directly, but from selling ads. I'm sure you've noticed the ones that recently started appearing on the AVantGo page on your handheld.

But they hope their big source of revenue will be selling to companies their enterprise-class products. Companies like as AmEx, British Gas, FedEx and Ford are already using AvantGo Enterprise to provide employees with mobile access to company intranets and Internet applications. And they do get charged for this.

BTW, I think the enterprise stuff is pretty cool. I develop my company's intranet and I'm working on ways to move as much as possible of it onto our people's handhelds.

Palm InfoCenter

PUG Start-Up Info

metropalm.com @ 8/9/2000 9:11:33 AM #
I live in Michigan and I am interested in starting a PUG. Any tips on requirements, structure, bi-laws, etc. I would appreciate feedback and suggestions.


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