Quickies: NS Basic Contest Winners, eTales, Wine Guide

NS Basic/Palm Contest Results
The winners have been picked for the first NS Basic/Palm Programming Contest. The winners and honorable mentions have been listed on their site, along with screen shots. In most cases, the developers posted their programs and even their source code.

eTales for Children
DDH Software, developer of the popular HanDbase database app, has launched a series of eTales, colorful stories for children that can be viewed on color Palms. -Kevin Doel

Pocket Wine Guide
neohand, inc. has released Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard, a wine education and database tool for the Palm. It consists of four components: a database for collecting and sharing your personal tasting notes, an vintage chart, a food-pairing database to match your meal with the right wine, and a glossary of 400+ wine terms. -Dave Horwich

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