Quickies: Color WAP, Coola Holidays

WAPman Color
EdgeMatrix has launched WAPman Color, the world's first color WAP microbrowser for the PalmOS. It also supports a breakthrough technology that allows location-based services, where the PDA can determine its geographic location, and multilingual applications.

Coola Holidays
You can now transfer a complete holiday calendar to your Palm datebook in one easy click. Most importantly it is FREE! Just go to the Coola Web site or click on the Coola image to the right. If you aren't already a Coola user, you will need to install the app.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/16/2000 6:09:20 PM #
Does Coola support the Mac yet?
RE: CoolMac
Ed @ 8/19/2000 1:45:12 PM #
From their site:

Coola does not currently support Macintosh computers. We are planning on having functionality to support the Macintosh O/S by late Q4 2000.

Palm InfoCenter

Color WAPman - MIA

Geoken @ 8/17/2000 8:22:03 AM #
I use WAPman on my IIIc & Motorola Timeport GSM mobile. I was excited that there was a color version of WAPman, went to their site and can't find the color version to d/l. The only mention of color WAPman was in their press release.


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