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Digital Fiction is currently working on "Race Fever", a Formula One Racing simulator for the Palm including the choice of many different cars, up to 24 opponents, and even racing your friend though IR. A trial version is available now with the final version in September.

FreeFall Associates and EmperoR Studios have released the Palm version of ARCHON which boasts all of the original features and even the original artwork from the classic game. It features a mixture of strategy and action in a medieval chessboard setting. A demo is available with the full version going for $10.
Rolelore, the team responsible for the development of Project L, an ambitious Medieval RPG for Palm, is happy to announce the launch of Find more on this elitist RPG, and details about real environments taken from Europe medieval sites, unlimited character development, and exclusive realistic combat system based on historical chivalry art-of-fighting.

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pda's vs. cell phone

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no way jose


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