Quickies: Enterprise Palm Tracking, Pilot Install

Track Your Company's Palms
Critical Devices Inc. has announced a new enterprise solution that gives companies a simplified and secure approach to remotely identify, track and monitor Palm handhelds. This service, available on a monthly subscription basis, provides a browser-based interface that keeps IT departments informed about the status, health and whereabouts of every handheld computer.

Pilot Install
Pilot Install is a handy freeware Windows app allows you to just install a new Palm app without a full HotSync. Very handy if you realized right after you did a HotSync that wanted to install something. Thanks to Smaller.com for pointing it out.

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Been done

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2000 1:40:31 PM #
The pilot-link package has a program called "pilot-xfer" that lets you install a program at any time. You can also back up the device in one quick operation, and even "fetch" one specific file. The only downside is that you don't get cutesy graphical interfaces, and I believe you'll need to compile it yourself if you want to run it in Win32. It was designed initially for *nix systems, and also ported to OS/2.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2000 7:01:13 PM #
I'm just trying

Pilot Install: A+

jasonheyd@yahoo.com @ 8/23/2000 11:50:12 AM #
Been using it for a while now... Very nice app. I put a short-cut on my desktop, and now I just drag & drop the files to install over the icon. It stops & then re-starts the Palm Hotsync when it's done. Saves a lot of time if you've got a lot of conduits like I do!


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