Does Your Palm Go with You on Vacation?

Andersen Consulting has just released a study that states that 83% of the people who took a week of vacation since April got in touch with the office during their trip and 60% brought some form of mobile technology with them. Are you one of those people? Did you take your Palm on your last trip and use it to check either your personal or work e-mail? Or what about AvantGo? Are you a news junkie and still read your favorite channels on the road?

Please tell us about your experiences, good or bad, using your Palm to keep connected while vacationing. Did you resent having to check your work e-mail from the beach? How difficult was it to get connected from the hotel room, RV, or whatever?

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Yep, I'm guilty

EGarrido @ 9/2/2000 9:44:55 AM #
I used to always take my pager, cell phone, and Palm V where ever I went, including vacations. Now I take them where ever I go, but *not* on vacations. My girlfriend taught me that it is often a bad thing to stay in touch so closely on a vacation. So, I tried not bringing them, and I enjoyed my vacation more than I would have.

Leave it to the women...

RE: Yep, I'm guilty
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2000 8:25:09 AM #
My husband and I take our palms everywhere. I take the laptop and palm. I dial in to the nextwork to look at email. I get over 70-100 emails a day and I don't want to face it coming from vacation. The other is I download driving dirctions to my palm, so when we're sightseeing I have them handy. I'm so annoyed that minstrl says they are not going ahead with the IIIc wireless modem.

RE: Yep, I'm guilty
Konstantin @ 11/9/2003 3:54:00 PM #

Yes of course!

jonr @ 9/2/2000 10:06:13 AM #
Otherwise I would go mad of boredom on the beach. I hate it, but my GF loves to just lay on the beach and getting tan. Chess, PalmJongg and Backgammon have all saved my sanity. :)

RE: Yes of course!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/7/2000 10:45:02 AM #
I know the problem... There's nothing worse than lying on the beach without a Palm... My GF loves to lie there almost all day.... Fortunately Go to Jail takes ages to finish ;-)

My Palm IIIx goes with me...

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/2000 10:47:20 AM #
...EVERYWHERE. Now, I don't use it for checking email, but my LIFE is in that thing (well, not really)!! I'm just glad I have ONE place to go for checking my schedule, phone numbers, memos, yada, yada!

Guilty as charged

Gatsby @ 9/2/2000 10:52:24 AM #
I take my unit everywhere with me. Even on an afternoon trip with my wife, my Palm is with me. Not only to check up with and deal with e-mail, but a quick game of Solitare here and there to pass the time. It's also the best way I have found to jot down odd ideas and notions that hit me on the fly. It keeps everything in one place.

Not to mention on my unit I also have a dictionary, countless refrence guides, maps, shopping lists, etc. It only makes sense that it's a "constant" companion.

Connected 24/7

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/2000 11:28:00 AM #
I have a Palm Vx with the Omnisky wireless modem and I take it every where. It is really just too easy to check mail and browse the net while laying on the beach. My girlfriend hates it sometimes but I have gotten so used to the convenience that I can't leave it at home.



I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/2000 12:03:04 PM #
Yep... On vacation I take my cell phone laptop AND Palm. While I do NOT return phone calls or reply to emails, I do check them.. just so I dont spend 3 days going through my inbox when I get back.. and I dont let it interfere with plans as I ONLY check it either early in the AM or when my Wife is getting my daughters to bed. As for the Palm well where I am it is. I even purchased My Bible so Palm even goes to Chruch. :)

Another Guilty Palm owner

jebahr @ 9/2/2000 9:49:27 PM #
I did take my Palm IIIx with me in May when I went to Washington, D.C. for a vacation. I didn't use it to check my e-mail becuase I don't have a modem to use for that. But I did use it to jot down where I parked my car at the Kansas City airport. Kyle's Quest came in handy when I was stuck in the airport in Baltimore during a long flight delay. I just wish I would have been smart and downloaded a city guide or two in to my Palm.

Though I could get worse if I go ahead with an impulse to buy a new Visor Deluxe and an InnoGear Six-pack springboard module. :)

Yes, me too

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2000 2:55:04 AM #
I used my Palm IIIc 2 weeks in Italy (and I don't need to recharge it!). I check every day my email (I use a my mobile phone) - but only once a day, because I'm on holidays (:

2 weeks in Italy

Spooky @ 9/3/2000 2:58:36 AM #
I used my Palm IIIc 2 weeks in Italy (and I don't need to recharge it!). I check every day my email (I use a my mobile phone) - but only once a day, because I'm on holidays (:

PS: I protect my Palm with a Otterbox and in the hotel safe!

Oh yeah!

Xak ( @ 9/3/2000 10:00:36 AM #
I take my Vx everywhere. Even though I'm only 16, my life is in my Palm. My friends frequently tease me about it, but my Palm goes everywhere: ice skating, working in the yard, to work, everywhere. When I get up in the morning, I get my pants on, slip on my belt, and clip my Palm belt clip case on and it stays there until I go to bed at night!
RE: Oh yeah!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 5:42:51 PM #
same here man!
(bet our friends r just want a palm them selfs)

(excuse bad English... (hey im just 15 n from sweden))

Beach time!!!

Pedro @ 9/3/2000 11:42:02 AM #
I bought a Palm V about 3 months ago, and It's been with me ever since. I've become so addicted that I brought It with me on my vacation, and introduced it to Its new best friend, my Nokia 7110. They met at the beach, played together on the Net and AvantGo (ruining my holiday budget and pissing off my girlfriend in the process), and have been together ever since. The only thing Palmy didn't like at all was the sand, that tended to get in the stylus groove.

Very Portable

Mike Grayson @ 9/3/2000 11:42:09 AM #
Yes. I am using my Palm IIIc on vacation. I bought the Psion infared modem and I keep my Avantgo channels synced twice a day. Works very well.

Of Course!

Eddie Willers @ 9/3/2000 2:47:29 PM #
Though I didn't bring it for busi- ness, it has become an essential part of my everyday life. I used Avanto Go to store the various maps I needed along the way. I took photos with it with my Kodak PalmPix, used it as a compass with the Palm Navigator, and keep up to date with my finances using Pocket Quicken. Not to mention, since afterall we were camping, I kept the "Army Survival Manual" handy with ISilo. With all this going on, who has time to check Email!


Ed @ 9/3/2000 3:17:33 PM #
I have to confess that one of the reasons I started this topic was so I could contribute to it from vacation. I'm writing this from a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains on my IIIx. On vacation I usually check my personal e-mail and use AvantGo. My job can wait until I get back but I try to keep an eye on the Palm Infocenter . ;-)

I sure did!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2000 3:27:04 PM #
I even got a clear-waterproof case for my Palm at the beach! Games, DOCs, and so on. Much more intresting that way. Also gave me a chance to read AvantGo and so on. Back at the hotel, sync and get the next days news... take it down.. its great!



PFloyd @ 9/3/2000 3:52:57 PM #
I have my Vx in my pocket all the time. Work, Fun, Vacation, Movies, etc. Right now, I'm at the park using AvantGo.

Just got back from vacation today...

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2000 7:46:09 PM #
Absolutely take my Visor Deluxe everywhere. My Fiancee is well used to this and will even grab it from me on occasion for a game of Solitaire or type up an email with the Stowaway.


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2000 8:34:22 PM #
My Palm VII goes everywhere I go. As long as I'm in the US I try to check my e-mail daily (coverage permitting)


Jim @ 9/3/2000 11:12:35 PM #
It drives my wife nuts sometimes, but my Visor goes everywhere. I use Franklin Planner for memory, Handyshopper, AvantGo, track my gas mileage etc. I even changed ISPs so I could have local access to do daily sync w/ my laptop when I travel. I can hardly wait for the SixPack so I can leave the laptop home.

Sad to say but YES

David Clark @ 9/4/2000 2:41:17 AM #
My palm now goes with me everywhere, to chech e-mail, news and to remember my VISA PIN.!

Palm beats French blockade blues

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 7:48:53 AM #
I admit I did take my Palm Vx to France last week together with TDK Global Pulse Cable and Nokia 6150e.

Did'nt use it until someone in Mantes McDonalds advised us that the bloody French Fishermen had blockaded the tunnel and we could be trapped in France for a month !!!. A quick check on the PA Newscenter site (via avantgo) showed that the French Government had caved in and the blockade was lifted - We were able to enjoy the rest of the holiday without worry thanks to my Palm !.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 10:14:41 AM #
as i write this im in the train from amsterdam to paris syncing with a nokia 7110 so my answer is definatly a BIG YES!

It goes where I go

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 10:08:28 AM #
My Palm 3x goes where I go, together with the Palm Portable Keyboard and Nokia 7110 cellphone. On Holiday I use it to:

- check email (via the Nokia 7110's IR Modem)
- sync avantgo (also with the 7110)
- send SMS messages via IR (also with the 7110)
- up/download routes and waypoints to my Garmin eTrex GPS receiver
- play games
- read eBooks
- and lots more!

I wouldn't leave home without it!


Anyone that doesn't take it along?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 11:11:25 AM #
Of course - what better way to consolidate destination and tourist information? My TRG is always more up to date and handier than a travel guide. + AvantGO & some docs - it all makes the carry-on lighter...

Plus - you ever have someone next to you on the plane struggle and struggle with a notebook? Once they finally get "set", I just turn on the handheld... gets them everytime!

What Vacation?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 12:32:18 PM #
Vacation? What's that? I may sneak a little R&R when I travel out of town, however it's been quite some time since I've had a real "Vacation". Though my PalmV ala Omnisky stays with me every step of the way!

main website

markie @ 9/4/2000 1:19:58 PM #
i find it absolutely impossible to log onto your main website. i either get asp errors or an invalid url error. i connect via a company proxy server. any ideas? i can sync via avantgo w/out problem...

yes, unfortunately

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 2:33:59 PM #
I took my Palm Vx on my last vacation, and then somebody *borrowed* it from my hotel room :-(

Fortunately I have a great boss that replaced it free of charge :-)

RE: yes, unfortunately
palmdiva @ 9/4/2000 3:37:14 PM #
What hotel did you stay at.? I hope you reported it to managmment. By the time I finished they'd have replaced the palm and comp'd me free rooms for life


Charger Fan @ 9/4/2000 3:07:39 PM #
I downloaded and read this story (from AvantGo) while I'm on vacation. My wife hates it, but I take my Visor everywhere.
RE: Yes!!!!!
palmdiva @ 9/4/2000 3:40:43 PM #
Guys, I'm confused what objections do your wives raise. I take my palm everywhwere and would look at my husband and tenn as if they were nuts if they a. asked me you're taking your palm and B. if they weren't taking their own.

Yes, Final Anwser!

Carl (GodsChoice) @ 9/4/2000 4:00:34 PM #
When I travel, my Palm IIIx and laptop goes with me. I used the Avantgo (local news, weather, movie times), bible, games, etc.
My laptop is an old Pentium 90Mhz used with Kmart's Bluelight Free Internet service. This allows me to sync my Palm and check my email. Anyone know how to my Hotmail email onto the Palm?
I prefer Hotmail because it is the only email service that I do not get tons of Junk mail.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/4/2000 4:30:49 PM #

Just a drop in the ocean

Spell @ 9/5/2000 1:05:14 PM #
Not only do I take my Visor (and Stowaway keyboard) on trips with me, but when someone from a convention I was attending called my hotel room in the middle of the night, I scribbled important information as a Memo. The next morning, I couldn't for the life of me remember what the call was about, but to my chagrin, had written the message down in perfect Graffiti while asleep. Iíve used Mapquest (via Avantgo) to navigate on road trips, read novels while stuck in foreign airports, tracked expenses, looked up phone numbers in emergencies, and wouldnít consider traveling anywhere (ok, with the exception of the local amusement park) without my PDA!

Travel Alot w/ IIIxe

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/5/2000 1:59:15 PM #
So far the coolest thing I've done is update my email & Avantgo between changing flts at Narita Airport in Tokyo. It was great to get the latest info before boarding my 13hr flt home.

yes I take it but......

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/5/2000 2:07:02 PM #
does anyone know of a free ISP that works with the palm?
My dial up was out of state on my last vacation.
thanks for any help

You Bet

Scott @ 9/5/2000 4:40:10 PM #
It does everything and is too small NOT to take. If I could afford Omnisky I'd have that too. Someday there will be a NetZERO kind of access for the Palm (at least I hope so!)
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