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In the July edition of the Palm Tipsheet, guest writer Jake Jacobs reveals the significant advantages a Palm handheld holds over paper planners. In the Tipsheet Interview, Christian Hess shares his Palm handheld experiences and impressions of the Palm's popularity in Costa Rica. -Mike Rohde

Metricom, a pioneer in providing wireless Internet access, filed for bankruptcy protection this week but intends to keep its 41 thousand Ricochet subscribers online. -MadMax

Qvadis, maker of Express Reader, has picked Isaac Asimov's "Robot Dreams" as the Palm eBook-of-the-Month for July. Never before available as an ebook, it was a nominee for the Hugo and Nebulee Awards.

The Madison (Wis.) PDA User Group meets monthly to discuss handheld computing devices, software, and related hardware. -Paul Baker

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PDA user groups

tommer @ 7/6/2001 12:07:46 PM #
Is there a place that lists these anywhere.
RE: PDA user groups
Ed @ 7/6/2001 3:51:18 PM #
The best one I know of is here:

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