Quickies: HandEra Update, BeOS HotSync

HandEra has released their Palm OS 3.5.3 upgrade for both the 330 and the TRGpro. It includes a 100% increase in SD file transfer speeds and a 10% increase in CF file transfer speeds. Also miscellaneous display glitches have been addressed. Along with that, they released HandEraKB, allows users to put the on-screen keyboard in the Graffiti area. This came with all demo and review copies of the 330 but not the ones that went to customers. -Craig Ganoe

Omicronsoft, makers of Personal Assistant, a PIM for BeOS, has released information about their upcoming product, Palm Reflections, which will allow Palm users to sychronize data with their BeOS systems. It will allow syncing with both Serial and USB cradles, including uploading of Palm applications. It will also have a plugin architecture which will allow developers to create translators for Palm based applications and conduits through which data can be passed to other applications. Omicronsoft has decided to release the first version of Palm Reflections for free. -Ari Haviv

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3.5.3 update and TRGPro

mattyparanoid @ 7/21/2001 2:59:06 PM #
Been using a beta of 3.5.3 posted by Mr. Waldron from HandEra on my TRGPro for a couple of months now. It has been perfect. It replaced a faulty update that had issues with the scroll button powering on the device and battery life as well as some spontaneous resets.

I was glad to see the official post of the OS for my TRGPro, but dissappointed when it contained the same bugs as the earlier versions. The only one that works for me is the beta Mr. Waldron posted to some of the TRGPro user groups. I will just have to stick with it, glad it works and glad it was offered up for use.

RE: 3.5.3 update and TRGPro
ganoe @ 7/21/2001 3:06:52 PM #
It's starting to sound like in the case of the TRGpro, the 3.5.2 ROM is still posted instead. There are some posts on the Yahoo groups T-U-G and TRGPro_Users_Group that say the same thing.

RE: 3.5.3 update and TRGPro
Mike_W @ 7/21/2001 5:18:39 PM #
It appears that the wrong files have made their way to the web site.

I have sent the new files the Webmaster, and they should be in place Monday at the latest.

Sorry for the confusion.

This problem only affected the TRGpro.


And Palm ??

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/21/2001 5:43:26 PM #
I hope Palm can spedd up card access on the m505 !!

100% would be good !!

Sony Internet Appliance

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 12:44:34 AM #
BeOS connectivity means you'll probably be able to sync your Palm (or Clie) with the new internet appliance from Sony...can anyone say "return of Audrey"?


RE: Sony Internet Appliance
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2001 2:11:37 AM #
Hehe, no... BeOS is an OS like OS X, Unix or Windows... BeIA is more or less embedded (not sure what to call it, but it is NOT for PC's and it is NOT BeOS).

Check http://free.be.com/ for more info.



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