Quickies: Ababall, Cradle Mod, powerOne, Training CD

iambic has created a monochrome version of its arcade-style game, Ababall Grayscale. The company has redesigned the graphics, adjusted the frames per second rate, and removed the backgrounds. A contrast dial was also added. It is available now for $12. -Ryan

A set of instructions is available to modify the cradle supplied with the m500 series so that it can be used both with the USB and serial ports on a PC. -Stefanos Dris

Infinity Softworks has introduced powerOne General, a calculator that combines business and scientific functions used routinely by most professionals and students. It includes advanced math, trigonometric and statistics functions; business calculations including time value of money, percent change, and markup/discount; unit and currency conversions, and time/date calculations. It costs $20. -Mark Rehley

The Training CD for Palm OS has been enhanced with tutorials for WordSmith, Quicksheet and TealPaint. It runs on PC or Mac, with audio commentary throughout. It costs $34. -Steve Litchfield

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USB to serial cradle modification

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/26/2001 8:53:53 AM #
A site with more and better information on this modification, and the original source of the pictures, can be found at

Mark Snyder

RE: USB to serial cradle modification
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/26/2001 9:08:20 AM #

The guy I translated (Michalis) the document from mentioned that he had found the info from a 'German guy' (obviusly you). I tried to find Michalis to ask him if the pictures were his or not, and if possible to give me the link to your site. He didn't see my posts on the Greek Palm forum, and since many people were asking me to translate the instructions, I went ahead and did it. Hope that's OK with you, and thanks for this valuable info.


RE: USB to serial cradle modification
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/26/2001 10:26:11 AM #
Actually, credit belongs to Peter Strobel. He has a great site with reviews of Palm hardware and lots of technical info. Here is a link to the main page.

Mark Snyder

Ababall Grayscale ROXXORS! (hehe)

GregGaub @ 7/26/2001 11:32:06 AM #
I had been drooling at the color Ababall, but was disappointed that it was only color. As soon as the grayscale version came out, I had it on my PalmVx in minutes. This is easily the best game for the palm graphically, bar none. The play is also smooth as silk and control is awesome with the stylus. My disclaimer is that I'm so not attached to this company that I can't even afford to buy my own reg code for it, and will be suffering withdrawl when the trial period runs out. :\ Here's hoping to a #palmchat giveaway soon. ;-)

RE: Ababall Grayscale ROXXORS! (hehe)
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2001 12:28:11 PM #
I agree with you. I like this game, Ababall is awesome. So I purchased it after I passed 2 levels today. Why are you saying that ? "I'm so not attached to this company ". My experience with iambic is just great. I purchased Action Names which is a great tool.

RE: Ababall Grayscale ROXXORS! (hehe)
GregGaub @ 7/27/2001 8:13:44 PM #
What I meant was that I am not in any way associated/employed/paid by Iambic. It was a disclaimer so that people knew that I was just a happy user, and not some PR/marketing lackey pretending to post objectively. ;-)
Iambis makes good stuff! :)

Disappointed with Iambic

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2001 10:16:21 PM #
Hurrah for Iambic! Another wonderful looking Brickout clone! Now that that is out of the way, maybe they will get around to incorporating new OS4.0 features in their core applications. Things like vibra-alarm and persistent alert support in Action Names Datebook would be nice. How about memory card support for Iambic Reader, TinySheet and MegaDoc?
Great game, but with an existing customer base of mobile professionals, given ther product set, maybe Iambic has lost focus.


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