Distributor: The Price:
  • $50
The Pros:
  • Durable
  • Water proof
  • High cool factor
The Cons:
  • Poor typing
  • Not very portable
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Fold-5000 Foldable Keyboard Review
By Pepper

The Fold-5000 PDA keyboard is a rubbery ergonomic keyboard for the Palm III, V, and m100 series. It can be rolled up for added portability, and it's safe from the potential catastrophe a spilt cup of coffee could bring.

The most important part of any keyboard: how well you can type with it! Personally, I'm not too fond of ergonomic keyboards - the split down the middle tends to slow down typing speeds. But some people I know swear by ergonomics, and refuse to use any keyboard that doesn't have a split down the middle. I guess one of the most important things to know about typing on this keyboard is that it's split.

Also, the keys have a rather odd feel to them when you're typing. It's hard to really tell whether or not you've hit a key, and if you have odds are you hit it twice. For the software to register a key as being pressed, it has to be pushed all the way. With a little adjustment to the drivers you can get a touch of improvement, but it still leaves much to be desired. The space bar also seems to be lacking. Instead of registering a keystroke the piece of plastic seems to bend. Also, the rubber over the space bar is loose, making the key feel somewhat slippery.

The keyboard includes a function key to access additional functions, such as the backlight and power button. There are also keys to represent the four application buttons, and with the use of the function key you can mimic the silkscreen buttons. While typing, the Palm is not propped up, requiring you to hover over it or find something nearby to lean it against. Overall, typing is halfway decent, and it makes you appreciate how easy it is to use your home keyboard.

The main advantage of having a PDA is portability, and the concept of a folding keyboard seems like a great way to work along with that ideal. Unfortunately, it was a better idea in theory then in practice. When rolled up as small as possible it's just a tad shorter and a bit wider then a can of soda. Although that is still a remarkably small size to cram a nearly full sized keyboard into, it isn't quite small enough to qualify as portable.

Where this keyboard lacks in ease of use and portability, it somewhat redeems itself in durability. It can be put throw a wide range of abuse, including spilt coffee, and not show a hint of damage. Another redeemable quality is the cool-factor. Although seriously lacking in functionality, this keyboard attracts a lot of looks. Both geeks and non-geeks stare together and look at the keyboard's flexibility.

Although it was a great idea, this keyboard leaves you wanting more and wondering why on earth you have it. The typing is difficult and hasslesome, and it isn't something you would want to carry around with you. For $50 I have a hard time justifying the expense on my pocketbook.

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Hasslesome, huh?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 1:51:06 PM #

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 2:07:56 PM #
Creative reporting...I like it...It's funtastic...

Searched on dictionary.com, No entry found for hasslesome.

15 suggestions found:
Hakea leucoptera
Hakea lissosperma
Hexalectris spicata
Hexalectris warnockii
highly sensitive
hockey league

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
cyruski @ 3/20/2002 2:57:29 PM #
have you tried 'hassle' ?

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
big_raji @ 3/20/2002 3:32:04 PM #

Is that like the plural of Hasslehoff?

If you sing in french while hopping on one foot, the evil birds won't come out of your bathroom mirror.

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 4:17:21 PM #
Four "i"s for Coolness? C'mon, Pepper, your just being nice. This thing is just plain stupid. (now a rubber pda.....)

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 5:08:17 PM #
Four "i" s for Coolness and one "i" for Design, a bit of a contradiction that, no?

Although some people might find it quite sexy . . . :D

O.K. I get my coat...

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 5:18:32 PM #
I'm sorry if you guys didn't like the word hasselsome, but I found it fit better then any other word could have -- real or imaginary

Also, I gave it 4 I's for coolness because anyone who saw it thought it was pretty cool looking, myself included, and yet i gave it a very low score for design because the design as it related to function was quite miserable

I apologize if you do not agree with my rating,

Enough with the hassling!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2002 9:16:23 AM #
That pastel blue color is really cheaplesome looking, though.

RE: Hasslesome, huh?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2002 9:38:20 PM #
It's cute . . . but after it opened it's mouth I wouldn't date it. I agree with the rating.

Cold compress

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 4:48:04 PM #
I think that looks like a cold compress for muscle aches/

The Fold Cold 5000 Cold Compress
crustyedgeofinnovation @ 3/20/2002 6:57:01 PM #
"Simply place in freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, apply to painful area, then feel the soothing, penetrating effect while you type. The Cold Fold 5000, freezes the pain, WRITE where it hurts"

RE: Cold compress
covingto @ 3/21/2002 12:39:51 AM #
"WRITE where it hurts"

Boooooooooooooooo! ;)



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