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CompUSA's webstore has the Sony NR70V listed for pre-order at $600 with a free 64MB memory stick and free shipping. -Moosecat

Amazon.com is offering a $150 mail-in rebate on the Handspring Treo, bringing the price down to $250, with a VoiceStream service activation. -akur

Vaja is offering 20% off on all their handheld cases until April 28. -Ed

The New England Palm User Group was featured in the April 15 issue of Mass High Tech, a technology newspaper covering the greater Boston area. -Michael Steinberg

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More on the free 64MB MS.

chrisb @ 4/22/2002 11:37:20 AM #
The free 64MB stick also applies to the NR70 too.

still no video out

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/22/2002 4:45:55 PM #
When are these things going to get a video/VGA output? Without that, they are useless for one of the major functions of portable devices: giving presentations. You can't even stick a CF card into the Sony.
RE: still no video out
mrscarey @ 4/22/2002 6:42:41 PM #
Sony is not alone in not providing this functionality. The new Palm T.V. ads show Powerpoint presentation capability but only Handspring can actually perform the task of presenting the presentation.
I have emailled Margi systems (manufacturers of Presenter To Go) but had an obtuse answer before the m50x series came out, and no answer at all from my last enquiry about 2 weeks ago.


palmist and visionary



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