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Sega is launching a new division, Sega Mobile, to create wireless games for handhelds and mobile phones in the U.S. market. Its first games are expected this summer and it eventually plans to port games like Monkey Ball, Pengo, Flicky, Puyo Puyo, and Monaco GP. -PR

Gethightech.com has a limited supply of refurbished Visor Neo handhelds for $120. -PR

StylusPlus.com has lowered prices on its stylus/pen combos. For example, its 4-way Stylus+ Original with Pencil has a .5mm pencil, stylus, and a choice of two ink colors, has dropped from $20 to $17. -Ed

The Palm Store is still offering free shipping and no sales tax on all orders over $100. This will be over April 26. -Calvin W.

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Sega exploits classic games

bcombee @ 4/23/2002 10:07:44 AM #
Its really cool to see Sega digging into their past and pulling out some really great games. Pengo was a blast, a surprisingly deep game of pushing ice blocks around. You had both an action aspect (crushing your persuers using sliding blocks) and strategy (getting the three diamond blocks to line up for bonus points).

Other Sega titles that could work well: Hang-on, Outrun, Zaxxon, Alien Syndrome, Bank Panic, and Columns. Frogger, while distributed by Sega in the US, was a Konami game, so no luck there (although Froggy is a really good recreation that already exists for Palm OS).

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