Quickies: Canada, Memory Upgrades, Silkyboard, and More

The Sony NR70V is now listed on the SonyStyle Canada webstore for $1000 CAD. It is not yet in stock. Oddly, the NR70 isn't listed. -Al

STNE Corporation is now doing 16 MB memory upgrades for the Palm m125 and the whole Sony N series. These are available now for $115. The company also does upgrades for most Palm OS models. -Will

Silkyboard II is now available for the Clie T series for $40. -Gary

Active Corporation has announced an enhancement to ActiveECG which allows the direct printing and faxing of ECG strips directly from a handheld. This was created with the help of InStep Group, makers of InStep Print and InStep Fax. ActiveECG is a pocket-sized cardiac monitor that works with Palm OS handhelds. -PR

OverDrive plans to integrate Palm Digital Media's eBook catalog into its suite of eCommerce solutions, including MIDAS and Digital Kiosk -- turnkey retail systems for the secure distribution of eBooks through the Internet. "This would be an important step toward making eBooks widely available for handheld users, and as convenient to buy as print and audio books," said Jeff Strobel, director of Palm Digital Media. -PR

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I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2002 8:35:21 AM #
For those Canadians interested in either the NR70 or 70v - go to ecost or something similar and get it from the US - you will save up to $120, depending on where you buy from. Futureshop and sonystyle.ca are overpriced compared to ecost shipped to your door in Canada.
RE: Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2002 12:50:18 PM #
At best, you'll save about CDN $50 -- if you're lucky. ecost has this at US $595 -- which is CDN $954 at 1.6 conversion (about average right now). Add in taxes and you're at the CDN $1100 mark -- ghu help you if you have brokerage charges to cover.
RE: Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2002 8:49:23 AM #
But you have to remeber to watch ecost for discounted prices on both the Nr70 and 70v - The NR 70 lists for $499 yet when you checkout it is discounted to $469 - it is only $30, but that will cover off some of the handling or sales tax.

I would suspect if you wait a month that you will see even better pricing on the NR70 - and a similar trend with the NR70V - the 615c was discounted $55 when I bought mine from ecost. So with that in mind - if the NR70v ends up costing me $100 less from ecost I am willing to wait an extra month or two.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2002 8:41:20 AM #
where are the mods for the Mighty Treo.

Forget these dead end pda's

What happened to the T615C?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2002 2:30:17 PM #
It's too bad they still don't have the T615C "offically" in canada. It's exactly what I'm looking for right now. =( Oh well.

3 month warranty???

Patrick @ 5/1/2002 8:30:11 PM #
The SonyStyle site indicates that there is but a 3 month warranty on this sucker.


Sony must not have a heck of a lot of confidence in this hardware.

when is clie t650 released in canada?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 8:36:21 AM #
does anybody know...coz i'd love to get my hands on one.....


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