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Lexar will soon begin offering 512 MB SD cards for $400. -Ed

Mobile Wizadry has chosen the winners of its PalmOS Demo Programming Competition. These were designed to show off the technical and artistic skills of their developers and the finalists are available for download. -Aaron Ardiri

Tony Rudenko's Palm Pilot Upgrade is now offering screen replacement services for the Palm IIIc, Handspring Prism, and Sony Clie N600/700 series for $70. -PR

All items previously sold at CliéSource are now available at Global Source, LLC, the parent company of CliéSource. This webstore is planing to begin selling other accessories for other handheld brands, not found locally, in mid-August. -PR

When asked about HotSyncing a Clié with a desktop with more than one processor, a Sony tech support person responded, "When using the CLIE on a Dual Processor system, you will need to suspend one of the Processors. You should consult with your motherboard or computer manufacturer on what steps and/or utilities are available to accomplish this. " -Mike Whitten

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dual processors

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 8:36:41 AM #
Suspend a processor; is there even a way to do that though the OS under Windows? Sounds like they want you to turn it off via a motherboard jumper or the BIOS. They've got to be kidding!

BTW, Palm Desktop 4.0.1 (and previous versions from Palm) has worked flawlessly for me on a dual processor system (Windows NT 4.0 and recently upgraded to XP Pro) over many years.

RE: dual processors
ne0 @ 7/30/2002 9:08:55 AM #
There were similar problems with hotsync on dual CPU machines with older version of Palm Hotsync - I've seen on some public board thread about it. There is solution - small utility that runs specific Windows applications in mode restricted to one CPU - threads can not migrate to other one. I have no idea where to find it, or if this is commercial/shareware/freeware.

Hope this helps...


RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 9:52:57 AM #
Hmm.. I am currently having this problem on my new dual CPU system. Whenever I hotsync, I get a blue screen on WinXP.

Been bouncing back and forth with Palm tech support, but so far every single response has just been 1 of the canned responses they always send, "your files are corrupt, reinstall", or "hard reset your handheld, that will fix it".

Now I'll definately be trying to run hotsync on 1 cpu..

RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 10:18:26 AM #
Did you try running HotSync in compatibility mode?

"To start the Program Compatibility Wizard, click Start, click Help and Support, click "Find compatible hardware and software for Windows XP", and then, under See Also in the navigation pane, click Program Compatibility Wizard."


RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 12:23:37 PM #
Just going off memory here, but I think once a program is started you can go into task manager, find the task, right click, and there's an option and you can select which processor(s) it'll run on. I don't know when in the hotsynch you get the blue screen, so you may need to be pretty quick...
RE: dual processors
greghoro @ 7/30/2002 6:58:25 PM #
I get the blue screen as well in Windows XP, but it seems to be related to the USB drivers. Get IRQ-NOT-LESS-THAN-OR-EQUAL-TO message from PALMUSBD.SYS.

Tried running in Win98 compatability mode as well as setting the affinity for the Hotsync process to only use on processor with no success.

This was true when I was running Win2000 as well so I believe it is machine specific.

Got a serial hotsync cable and now I can sync without error, albeit, much slower.

RE: dual processors
aardvarko @ 7/30/2002 11:41:56 PM #
Here's a program that lets you specify processor affinity.


Try setting it to the primary processor and see if it still bluescreens.

webmaster at aardvarko dot com

RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2002 5:43:20 PM #
Hey! I've been going back and force with Palm on this too and this is the first answer that seems to come close to the problem. I don't have a Sony, I have a Palm m500, and I get the occasional blue screen (can be seen at http://conrad.st/images/IMGP2531x.jpg) during HotSync on my dual-PII system. I'll have to try setting processor afinity to see if this solves the problem.

Chad Conrad

RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2002 5:51:47 PM #

I've been using dual procs under XP for a while and had no trouble hotsyncing until just a few days ago. Now, I get the same problems reported here (failure in palmUSBD.sys).

Here's the thing: I don't have a Palm. I have a Sony CLIE (but we're all still friends, right?). So this problem probably isn't related to a single hardware model.

I've done two days of research (google palmusbd.sys and read and read...), and now I need to go try the answers I've pieced together from the web. This problem could be one of three things:

1. Corruption of the palm registry entries on the PC. Backup the PDA and PC and then go into the registry (gulp!) and delete the palm register folder. Reinstall palm desktop and associated conduits.

2. Static discharge has corrupted the synching software. Backup your PDA, go to memo pad and use Shortcut .3 to disable auto-off, let the battery drain, recharge once dead. Call Palm and get your free anti-ESD-enhanced cradle.

In all honesty, I haven't tried EITHER of these yet, but I'm going to as soon as I get home. I'll let you know how it goes.


RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2002 10:29:00 AM #
Well, so far no crashes with the HotSync.exe process set to only CPU0, but the problem was quite intermittent anyway, so I'm not sure I'll know for quite some time if that was the issue...


RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/3/2002 12:11:06 PM #
Okay. Nevermind. I had another crash on Friday, so I guess that wasn't the answer after all. Can anybody out there shed any light on this?

See http://conrad.st/images/IMGP2531x.jpg and

RE: dual processors
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/6/2002 10:11:10 PM #
Someone post http://home.online.no/~a-dam/sa01.zip and it can make the HotSync to use one processor instead of two. It didn't fix the blue screen of death entirely. However, it did reduce crashing from every the other sync to every 25-30 sync.

P.S. My blue screen of death just looked those post by other people except I use XP.

RE: dual processors
rlmclean @ 10/8/2002 9:47:24 AM #
i have the same problem!!! arrrrgh!!!!

i had a m105 using the serial hotsync cradle and must have synced about a million times with absolutely no problems.....i upgraded to a m130 with the usb hotsync and have had nothing but blue screens saying the problem is with palmusbd.sys.....i can hotsync maybe once every 3 times with no problem.....

i have win2k and yes dual processors!!!.....arrrrrrgh..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: dual processors
cconrad @ 10/10/2002 9:49:13 AM #

I waited for about 35-40 days to report this just to be sure, but I've finally fixed the problem with the blue screens during USB HotSyncs on my dual-processor system under Windows XP.

Before doing anything too drastic, I decided to first try installing the Palm Desktop 4.1 software update to see if this would make a difference. When I did so I noted that it upgraded PalmUSBD.sys from version 1.1 to version 1.4. This new version of the driver has behaved flawlessly now for about 40 days and many many HotSyncs.

Chad Conrad

RE: dual processors
eberlein @ 10/30/2002 1:09:11 PM #
Hi Chad,

Thanks so much for your comment. The update also fixed my problem!


RE: dual processors
netposer @ 2/14/2003 11:26:11 AM #
By updating palmusbd.sys from 1.3 to 1.4 seems to have fixed my BSODs. I recently purchased a new Dell Dual Xeon with Hyperthreading enabled (so WinXP sees 4 proccessors). NOTE: I recently upgraded from a dual PIII 866 on a Win2K box and never had syncing BSOD's for the same exact Treo 300 hardware and software.

I installed the generic Palm 4.1 desktop software on another system and found the palmusbd.sys and PalmUSBD.inf in the \usb_driver\ sub folder and copied both to my other system under the \Drivers\ subfolder. Seems Palm and Handspring/Sprint have slightly different dir structures.

Time will only tell if this actually works.

RE: dual processors
netposer @ 2/18/2003 4:15:59 PM #
NOPE--did not work. Still get BSDs about every third time syncing. I think I only sync right after I boot as to minimize data loss.....

RE: dual processors
mweier @ 4/30/2003 5:10:15 PM #
same problems ehre on a win2K dual athlon MP system using a handspring visor deluxe - handspring doesn't recommend using that version of palm desktop - can anyone post a link to the revised 1.4 palmusbd.sys? thanks! This handheld worked flawlessly on my old dual celeron 500 win2K machine...hrm.

RE: dual processors
SKelem @ 1/8/2004 2:41:53 PM #
I'm having the same problem on my Sony Clie.
Sony ships version 1.1 of PalmUSBD.sys. I tried telling Sony's 2nd-tier support about version 1.4, but the tech refused to acknowledge that version 1.4 exists, and said that Sony's software doesn't claim to work with dual processors.

So...where can I get a copy of PalmUSBD.sys, version 1.4? It can't be any worse than what I've got now---BSOD whenever I try to hotsync!


RE: dual processors
mepster @ 2/4/2004 8:46:14 PM #

I have PalmUSBD.sys version 1.4 - it came with palm desktop 4.0.1 I believe. However, it doesn't fix the blue screen problem upon palm sync that is associated with hyperthreading and intel usb controllers.

I have found that disabling hyperthreading in the BIOS will stop the crashes. (Depending on your machine, you press a key like F2, F9, F10, or Delete early in the boot process to get to the BIOS settings.) Unfortunately, I typically want to have hyperthreading enabled! Sigh.

I am running a compaq evo W8000 with 2 procs; the USB controller is the Intel 82801BA/BAM. I am running XP Pro all updated from windowsupdate.

Apparently the only solution is 1) disable hyperthreading and/or 2) continue complaining to palm to patch palmusbd.sys

P.S. Here is a link to another forum on the problem:


RE: dual processors
dbperry @ 2/12/2004 11:21:17 AM #
I have a similar problem on my brand new home built WinXP machine. With hyperthreading enabled on the Pentium 4, any hotsync usually results in a spontaenous system reboot - not even a BSOD. I tried a suggestion from another thread to add a PCI USB card, but that did not solve the problem. The only solution was to disable hyperthreading. Hotsync is now fine.

I am using two Sony Clies (T-615C and N-610C) along with palm desktop 4.0.1 and PalmUSBD.sys version 1.1.

So much for a stable new computer!

RE: dual processors
cliek @ 2/19/2004 9:14:36 PM #
Just thought I'd post here about my success (at least I hope it's success) withi this problem. Since doing the things below (based on tips on this thread), I have synced a dozen times or so and not dumped out.

Here's a little background.

I'm using the Sony clie Palm desktop ver 4.0.1 with palmUSB.sys ver 1.1 to sync my Clie PEG-N760C.

I built a new computer with the processor being an Intel P4 2.8 HT -- with hyper threading turned on via the motherboard. I'm running XP Pro.

Like some others here, I was not even getting a BSOD during the sync. About every 2-3 synchs, I'd totally dump out and my computer would reset -- as if I'd just powered on the machine.

I took the advice of one poster here (I think "I. M. Anonymous") and did the following.

1) Changed the compatibilty settings of Hotcync.

"To start the Program Compatibility Wizard, click Start, click Help and Support, click "Find compatible hardware and software for Windows XP", and then, under See Also in the navigation pane, click Program Compatibility Wizard."

I set the compatibility of Hotsync.exe to Windows 98/ME. (I basically pulled that out of my hat.)

2) I ran hotsyc and turned off one of the processors. To do this, start up task manager (ctrl-alt-delete), select the "Processes" tab, find the process "hotsync.exe." Right click that process, select "affinity" from the popup menu, and uncheck CPU 1, leaving CPU 0 checked.

3) I do not run hotsync at startup now. When I want to synch, I start hotsync manually from the program menu, synch, then exit hotsync when done. (I don't want hotsync running all the time, figuring that since it's forcing use of one CPU, it may have an impact on performance).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the affinity for one CPU appears to be persistent, as it's carried over between several reboots -- still hotsync runs only on CPU 0 without me having to select it every time.

I've gone from dumping out every 2-3 syncs to not having crashed in around a dozen syncs.

Knock on wood.


Switch Already!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 10:54:17 AM #
RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 11:46:55 AM #
LOL. Good site, great machines & OS, but hardly likely to cause people reading this to switch.

RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 12:30:11 PM #
I'd be glad to switch, but what does that have to with this article?

RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 1:07:04 PM #
if you sync a palm Device with a Dual G4 it won't crash :P
RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 3:59:43 PM #
Well, I'm not having any problems on a dual processor system under Windows XP. I'm guessing this must be a Sony specific problem, and don't the Clies already have enough problems with Macs?
RE: Switch Already!
fleegle @ 7/30/2002 5:39:17 PM #
The funny part of the Apple's "Switch" campaign is their number 2 reason for switching is "It doesn't crash." Now go to Apple's Support page, type in "os crashes" and you will get a number of articles on why programs, or the OS, crashes.

Hmmm... can any one say "False Advertising?" ;-)

RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2002 6:14:06 PM #
yeah , the computer crashes alot more when you run programs like excel ... it's like once every 10 times it'll cause kernel panic ... pretty sloppy programing from microsoft ...
RE: Switch Already!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2002 12:55:14 AM #
If it weren't for Microsoft, the Apple plaform's biggest biggest developer what would you have as an office suite?

Oh yeah, let's not forget the 150 million Gates threw to Jobs!

(I'm speaking as an owner of Windows and Mac boxes)

RE: Switch Already!
johnsoax @ 7/31/2002 11:36:26 AM #
The funny part of the Apple's "Switch" campaign is their number 2 reason for switching is "It doesn't crash." Now go to Apple's Support page, type in "os crashes" and you will get a number of articles on why programs, or the OS, crashes.

Hmmm... can any one say "False Advertising?" ;-)

I did the same thing, but all the articles that come up are for OS 8.X, 9.X or OSX Server (which came out before OSX) I didn't find one for OSX at all. My Macintosh running 9.1 doesn't crash, exept when running Internet explorer.

Alex Johnson

RE: Switch Already!
mweier @ 4/30/2003 5:07:08 PM #
haha. funny point, but unfortunately my wife's iBook has NEVER successfully synched her visor deluxe with entourage X, no matter how many different fixes, workaround, and updates we've tried :( she's stuck using palm desktop under classic. given that I've got BSOD issues on my new dual athlon, I think we're both ready to go out & buy some paper daytimers :)

demo contest

atrizzah @ 7/30/2002 2:04:56 PM #
Check out some of the programs at the demo contest. They're pretty amazing

Peace Out

512Mb SD Cards

mrscarey @ 7/30/2002 8:00:33 PM #
I have seen announcements for 128MB MMC but have yet to see any materialise.

Can Palm address anything above 64MB on SD/MMC yet using OS4.x?


palmist and visionary

RE: 512Mb SD Cards
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2002 12:19:24 PM #
I bought a 128 MB card and neither my m125 or even my neighbors m515 could format it. It just froze and said "formating" on the screen. Had to do a hard reset with both machines. I brought it into CompUSA and popped it into a toshiba laptop and formatted it there. The only format that worked was FAT. Even then though, on the Palm (m125 or m515 again) the card was completely used up except for 63-66 megabytes. That leads me to belive that Palm's devices wont recognize beyond 64MB. Can anyone else confirm this? Has anybody used a 128 or 256 MB SD in their Palm handheld? Let me know so I can eBay it or something. Other than that, I'm just waiting for "OSLO"!
RE: 512Mb SD Cards
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2002 12:23:58 PM #

I only had to do a soft reset not a hard one.

~above poster~

RE: 512Mb SD Cards
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2002 3:43:44 PM #
I'm currently using a Sandisk 128 MB SD card with my Treo 90. Worked right out of the box.
RE: 512Mb SD Cards
Altema @ 8/1/2002 9:24:45 AM #
I use a 128Mb card in my m515 and never had a problem. Used the same card in my last two m505's, and also use it in my wife's m505 to transfer large files. The only card I ever had fail was the Palm Backup card. Can't use it in my card reader either. I use McFile for backups now, which is much better at restoring a handheld than the Palm Backup card anyway.

RE: 512Mb SD Cards
Altema @ 8/1/2002 9:37:00 AM #
PS: Palm has a patch for the m500 and m505 called FatFS that fixes any addressing problems for large cards. However, I did not have any problems either before or after installing FatFS. I installed it just in case. The patch is free on Palm's website.

RE: 512Mb SD Cards - 128MB SanDisk SD Card Problems
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/4/2002 2:26:43 PM #
For the person that was having problems reformatting their SanDisk 128MB SD Card, I think SanDisk initially had a batch of cards that did not work with Palm devices. The later ones after March or April 2002 do not have any reformatting problems on a Palm m505/m515.

If you can't reformat your SanDisk 128MB SD Card, get it replaced by SanDisk. I have no problems reformatting my SanDisk 128MB SD Card on my Palm m515 and I can access all of its memory space.

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