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Some readers have asked if Sony's Audio Player clip-on attachment for the T series will work with the just-released SL10. A Sony spokesperson has confirmed that it will not. -Ed

Satconsystem.de now sells the HandEra 330 with a German version of the operating system. In near future, it plans to release a French version and updates for HandEra 330 owners using either language. -Anon

This Saturday, August 10, at 10 AM the Nashville Palm Users Group will hold it's monthly meeting. The special guest is Calvin' O. Parker, best known for his definitive FAQ on the Palm OS. Calvin will be sharing his knowledge, insight and stories and doing what he does best - answer questions. Also, they'll be taking a look at using a Palm OS device in the kitchen, as well as demonstrating the new Fossil PDA Watch and giving one away as a door prize. -Michael T. Ashby

The next meeting of the Los Angeles Palm User Group will be Saturday, August 10 at 10:30 AM. The guest speaker will be Erica Brescia from T- Mobile. -Russell Howell

Fictionwise has added another eBook to their 2002 Hugo nominees give-away. Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Bones of the Earth" is a short story set in her Earthsea universe. -PR

Qvadis, makers of the Qvadis Express Reader, has picked "Inside Job" by Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker & Paul Muolo as the handheld eBook-of-the-Month for August. Inside Job reveals the relationship between the S&L scandal of the 80s and covert CIA operations; between junk bonds and the plundering of the life savings of trusting investors; between felons and politicians right up to not one but two Presidents of the United States. -PR

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Poor Sony

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/9/2002 11:35:25 AM #
Yay! Another accessory that's incompatible with new versions. Any chance of them making a new one for the SL's?
RE: Poor consumers
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2002 12:55:14 AM #
It's all about selling you more "stuff". They are selling consumer products. First you buy the newest PDA, then you have to buy a new set of peripheral, then they discontinue your PDA and convince you that you need yet another new PDA, then you have to buy another new set of peripherals, then they.... Keep consuming. It's the "American way."
RE: Poor Sony
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2002 9:09:52 AM #
Are there any options for a modem (not wireless).
The ability to pick up my email with a handheld is important.

If not any modems that connect to landlines, what phones can use infrared connections - what services support this? Are there cables that connect to cell phones without infrared?



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