PalmSource Announces Three ODM Partners

PalmSource today announced that GSPDA, Inventec Appliances Corp. (IAC) and Portable Innovation Technology Limited (PiTech) have licensed Palm OS to design and develop Palm Powered smart mobile devices. As ODM partners, the three companies will provide Palm OS original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licensees with a one-stop solution for bringing innovative Palm Powered mobile products to market faster and more efficiently.

he PalmSource ODM program offers ODM partners access to the Palm OS Product Development Kit (PDK), enabling the research, design and development of innovative Palm Powered smartphones and wireless devices running either Palm OS Cobalt or Palm OS Garnet. By working with PalmSource ODM partners, OEM licensees can benefit from faster time to market for new Palm Powered mobile devices, freeing up technical resources for innovative differentiation based on market needs.

"Mobile devices continue to evolve to meet users' demand for innovation and ease-of-use," said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. "PalmSource's efforts with its ODM partners is a step forward, driving faster time-to-market for a diverse class of Palm Powered mobile devices that meet consumers' personal and professional needs."

"Partnering with industry leading ODMs builds on the Palm OS platform's movement to define the handheld and smartphone industry standards of ease-of-use, flexibility and compatibility," said David Nagel, president and CEO of PalmSource. "We believe our ODM partners offer Palm OS licensees the necessary tools, resources and expertise to drive further innovation in the mobile device market, stimulating growth throughout the Palm Powered Economy."

"Becoming an ODM partner enables GSPDA to expand its distribution worldwide and work with channel partners interested in offering innovative Palm Powered smartphones and wireless devices," said Thomas Tam, managing director, Group Sense Ltd. "The ODM partnership with PalmSource will enable our distribution partners to offer GSPDA's leading edge smartphones under their own brand."

PalmSource's ODM partners play a fundamental role in the product development cycle by enabling OEM licensees to reduce research and development costs while defining new categories of mobile products. The new PalmSource ODM program will also further strengthen the Palm Powered Economy by facilitating new business relationships among ODM partners, OEM licensees and Palm Powered Mobile World partners.

PalmSource ODM partners offer a wide variety of professional services focused on the design and manufacture of smart mobile devices, including handhelds, smartphones, feature phones, tablets and electronic dictionaries. By leveraging the ODM partners' industry knowledge and expertise, Palm OS OEM licensees can gain a competitive advantage in the development of new mobile devices delivering the ease-of-use, performance and software compatibility standards Palm OS has established in the handheld and smartphone industries.

To date, more than 35 million Palm Powered devices have been sold worldwide, making Palm OS a platform of choice for leading hardware manufacturers looking to create differentiated products for the global communications, industrial, enterprise, education and entertainment markets.

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Tuckermaclain @ 9/27/2004 5:47:05 PM #
I'm still waiting for a PiDirect that is OS5 capable. Are you listening, PiTech?



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