Astraware Releases Bookworm v2.0

Bookworm GameAstraware has released a new version of its version of Bookwork for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. Bookworm is a popular word game based on the online and PC classic from PopCap. You mission is to feed Lex the Worm's endless appetite by joining letters on the library wall. Use up burning letters before they reach the bottom and set the library on fire. This new version has been totally overhauled to support all of the latest devices and adds improved graphics, an extended dictionary of 70,000 words, a new action mode and various minor improvements.

Bookworm v2.00 is available now for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. It comes with a free trial period and costs $14.95 to purchase.

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I love this game

joad @ 11/14/2008 11:13:42 AM # Q
There are a lot of "games" built for the Palm, 99% of which are clever, interesting for a few days, but ultimately should be priced at the iTouch rate of $0.99 rather than $20.00 because the attraction fades quick.

Astraware has been one of the rare exceptions that has several titles actually worthy of purchase. I consider Bookworm one of their top applications, and if v2.0 fixes some of the rare bugs in v1.0 then yippee!!

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RE: I love this game
zire102001 @ 11/15/2008 10:27:40 PM # Q
1.0? come on? u do know that there were versions up to 1.15 and the latest to work and last to work on a OS 4.0 and below device with greyscale was 1.08 as v1.15 didn't cut it, and alas v2.0 only works on OS 5.0 devices, however if one wants to buy a copy - just buy ver. 2.0 or whatever and go here: to download an older copy of the game - pref. 1.08 for OS 4 and below as again 1.15 of bookworm will error out..also same goes for the rest of the games..

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