Mobi Products Crystal Case for the Palm Centro

Mobi Products Centro Crystal CaseThe Mobi Products Crystal Hard Case is a new case designed for the Palm Centro. This clear hard case offers protection from scratches and everyday wear without getting in the way of the Centro's naturally good looks. There are cutouts for the screen, keyboard and other device features and a removable belt clip is also included. This case features a nearly identical design as the popular Palm Air Case at a lower price point.

The Mobi Products Crystal Hard Case for the Palm Centro is available now for $14.95. Shipping starts at $5.95.

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Cases are so 90's

Gekko @ 8/26/2008 9:58:07 AM # Q

it's almost 2009.

1. the Centro is $99. at this price, they are disposable.
2. this case, as do most, must be removed in order to remove the battery cover and access the microSD card and/or battery. major PIA especially for those of us who rotate a backup card daily.
3. belt clip? please people, PLEASE STOP wearing your phone on your belt. this practice should be banned along with push-to-talk - both punishable by eight months in prison and twelve strokes of the cane.

RE: Cases are so 90's
hkklife @ 8/26/2008 12:00:45 PM # Q
Disposable? Say the Centro dies and you are 12-13 months into your 2year contract and don't have extended warranty coverage from your carrier. What do you do then? And even if you DO, like I'm finding out now w/ Verizon, they cannot always guarantee an exact repalcement of what you've got (in my case, a 755p).

Renew your contract early and/or negotiate with the carriers? Your mileage may vary greatly from carrier to carrier and from rep to rep.

Buy a new Centro unlocked/full retail? $300 for a new one, unless you can luck out and get a mint condition one for your carrier of choice from a reliable seller on E-Bay etc.

I wouldn't trust the Centro's so-called "built in screen protector" any more than I'd trust any other marketing hoopla from Palm. At minimum, I'll keep a real screen protector on my device and keep it in some kind of slim pouch-style case. Now, if these suckers were priced like a Z22 and offered at a totally unsubsidized $99, then I'd agree with your stance.

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RE: Cases are so 90's
joad @ 8/26/2008 2:26:59 PM # Q
Insurance (from Sprint, anyway) is about $7 bucks a month. Free repair or replacement for a wide variety of problems, $50 if you lose it or a car runs over it. I carry my Treo around bare - easy access to battery, stylus, flash card, etc AND it fits in my cradle (another think Gekko doesn't like). If my screen or case were to develop a scratch so bad it merited replacement, I'd just pay $50 to make it go away, not $300 or $600. $7/month insurance is $84/year - not bad for the peace of mind.

If you are stuck with AT&T or Verizon, I don't know what their insurance plans offer, I only know Sprint has handled things pretty well over the years for all of my phones.

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