Update on the Little John Palm Emulator

Little John Palm Game EmulatorThe classic Palm OS Multiformat Game Emulator, Little John Palm, has recently received a fresh round of updates. Little John Palm is an open source classic video game emulator with support for a number of systems including the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Genesis, Sega Master System and Turbo Grafx 16. Henk of Metaviewsoft has contributed a number of new fixes and improvements of late including: Treo and Centro compatibility updates, volume fixes, ui tweaks, hires gfx fixes and an optional phone call detection mode among other minor updates. Henk and a few other developers have recently had some success adding experimental support for using a Nintendo Wiimote with a Palm device and LJP over bluetooth.

The latest version 1.2 of LJP can be downloaded from Henk's blog. Updates on the Wiimote supprot can be found at the LJP forums.

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Wii remote????

sremick @ 7/28/2008 3:50:08 PM # Q
Holy crap. Using my Wii remote to play (S)NES games on my Palm? Now that's just seriously bad-a$$.


RE: Wii remote????
DarthRepublican @ 7/28/2008 7:50:17 PM # Q
I'd be more interested in being able to use a Treo *as* a Wii remote.

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what a godsend

bowlofpudding @ 11/14/2008 2:14:34 AM # Q
not only is it a program allowing me to play snes games anywhere I go, but now it supports the wiimote. major props to the programer, now if someone could just find a way to use the wiimote as a generic keyboard, or to switch songs in ptunes (my track change buttons have to be pushed hard to work, maybe too much rain gettin on them). just an idea

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