New Smartphone Cases from Swiss Mobility

Swiss Mobility CasesIt seems the Swiss Army has a new mobile tech division. The PIC store has just added three new cases from Swiss Mobility. The new designs provide a stylish and protective shield for your smartphone, though unfortunately they do not yet have secret flip out knives and tools hidden within them. Each case is 100% hand stitched and features a soft nylon interior to keep your phone scratch-free and the large flap with magnetic closure ensures the phone will stay protected and secure.

There are three designs currently available. The first is the Legion Smartphone Case for the Treo series. This multi-functional case is made of ballistic nylon and leather and features a wallet compartment, with pockets for ID's and photos and memory card storage pockets for $24.95.

Swiss Mobility Lara Side Pouch for CentroIn addition there are a couple more "stylish" choices available that were designed specifically with the Palm Centro in mind.

The Lara Side Pouch for Centro is available in Black/Pink or Pink/White for $29.95. The back of the case features a zip compartment that expands open to easily access cash, change, or spare memory cards. The attached, adjustable lanyard makes carrying this case around your wrist easy and comfortably.

The Madison Nylon Side Pouch for Centro comes in Black/Pink for $29.95. This case also utilized a detachable strap but offers a zip compartment that expands open with 2 separate compartments, to easily access cash, change, or spare memory cards.

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