TCL Introduces New Emergency Palm Travel Charger

TCL Emergency Palm Travel ChargerTechCenter Labs (aka Gary Mayhak) can always be counted on to release clever and affordable accessories for Palm devices, such as the add-on bud microphone for Palm handhelds lacking integrated voice recording.

This time around, TCL has released a nifty new emergency charger for all Palm devices utilizing the Athena/MultiConnector plug type. The new TCL charger joins the existing TCL USB charger and utilizes either a conventional AA alkaline throwaway battery, a NiMH rechargeable AA or a higher-capacity disposable lithium battery such as this type (.pdf link) offered by Energizer for specialty photo applications. The chargers have built-in circuitry to give the correct voltage required by Palm devices so as not to over or under-charge their batteries. TCL are offering a total of four variations of the charger: $9.95 for the charger in silver or black without a battery and $10.95 for the charger in without or black and bundled with a disposable lithium battery included.

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Single cell charger

gmayhak @ 6/10/2008 12:02:43 PM # Q
Thanks for the mention Kris!
Just to clarify, although I did design the very first Emergency Charger for PDAs (pats himself on back ;) I sometimes come across products that are a great value and put them on the web site. This is one of those products, when I looked into designing a single cell charger a few years ago just the electronics required was close to $50.
For those that like to mess with electronics, the little circuit board could be powered by three silicon solar cell instead of the ten normally required to produce 5 volts for a solar charger.


Tech Center Labs

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