Golden Skull Update Released

Golden SkullDeluxeware have just released a new version of their recently-released Golden Skull game for Palm OS devices. Developed by DeluxeWare and co-published by Astraware, GoldenSkull is an interesting-looking Palm OS title along the lines of Astraware's own Bejeweled. It combines puzzle gameplay with an adventure storyline set amidst the background of Mayan archaeological exploration. Fans of the new Indiana Jones might find this a very appropriate title to check out in an otherwise slowing market of new Palm OS entertainment titles. The title's first update since its release less than two months ago, adds four difficulty levels alongside the usual list of small, unmentioned bugfixes.

Golden Skull - Saeed's Adventures v1.10 is available now for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. It costs $14.95 and comes with a free trial period. The game supports all Palm OS 5 320x320 devices and, refreshingly, 320x480 handhelds.

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