Opera Mini Update for Palm OS

Opera Software has released a "silent" update for the Opera Mini browser. The new build addresses issues that were causing problems with the latest v4.1 release on many Palm OS devices. Opera reports the new version (4.1.11355) has better memory handling on Palm devices which should correct the missing image problems. There are also a few minor BlackBerry specific fixes and a bookmarking bug correction.

Users can download the latest version by visiting operamini.com on your phone. In order to use Opera Mini with a Palm OS device you need to have the Palm Java Micro Environment installed. Since Palm no longer distributes the JVM you need to already have it installed or find an alternate source (download link) for it online.

Opera Mini PalmThe Opera Blog post also includes a list of recommended settings that need to be configured within the prefs app under Java Settings. These are the same as what we recommend in our recent Palm OS web browsing article:

Use Double Buffering - on
Use high resolution coordinates - on
Set Memory Maximum: 1Mb
Set Maximum Java Thread Stack Size: 32kb

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It works

danceman @ 5/23/2008 6:45:16 AM # Q
Finaly images works but it is slower now.

RE: It works
xImtc @ 5/23/2008 6:38:54 PM # Q
But can you tap Menu? Still drops me back to launcher every time!

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VERY slow upon first connection...

Gazpacho @ 5/23/2008 8:11:00 AM # Q
When I start OM for the first time, and try to navigate to a webpage, the first time connecting is VERY slow. Can take up to a minute before the page starts to load. Subsequent connections are much faster (2-3 seconds).

Anyone the same problem? I'm using a GSM Centro.


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v. slow

swieder @ 5/23/2008 10:13:55 AM # Q
Seems to spend a long time just "connecting" Once the results are displayed they look ok. The whole thing is not that impressive to me.

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Suberwaba instead of IBM JVM

hgoldner @ 5/23/2008 12:12:33 PM # Q
Has anyone tried Opera Mini with the SuperWaba JVM instead of the IBM JVM?

I'm curious whether the browser works better. It would certainly have a smaller footprint on the Treo.


RE: Suberwaba instead of IBM JVM
palmato @ 5/23/2008 2:55:55 PM # Q
Superwaba is a different java than the ibm j9. The two's are not compatible and Opera mini only works with the latter.

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cstamper @ 6/24/2008 1:51:43 PM # Q
Hardly works at all on my t5. Words extend way beyond my screen (horizontally). A mess...



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