Palm Removing the Java JVM, Last Chance to Download

Palm has posted a note on its blog that it will soon no longer be providing the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on its site. As of Jan 12, Palm will no longer provide a download for the JVM runtime. The Java Micro Environment JVM is required to run J2ME Java based applications on Palm OS devices such as Opera Mini and Google's downloadable Gmail client.

The WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment for Palm OS can still be downloaded here until this Saturday.

Thanks to WyreNut for the tip.

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He||Raiser @ 1/8/2008 2:25:26 PM # Q
What is the sense in taking down a support download like this other than to annoy those holding out with older handhelds? UGH.

RE: Antagonism
SeldomVisitor @ 1/8/2008 3:02:42 PM # Q
Support is expensive; PALM's trying to save costs a LOT.

(For example, one of PALM's contract support houses recently laid off a hundred PALM support personnel if a Treocentral post is to be believed. I'd link to that post however right now TreoCentral appears to be offline - maybe due to that SPAM hack attack?]

RE: Antagonism
hkklife @ 1/8/2008 3:52:54 PM # Q
One more step towards erasing all traces of Palm's PDA past. I'm not joking here. I'd expect to see a lot of the older downloads & archived support materials for pre-NVFS PDAs (ie older than '04) quietly disappearing in the near future.

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RE: Antagonism
SeldomVisitor @ 1/8/2008 4:47:02 PM # Q
> ...One more step towards erasing all traces of Palm's PDA past...

Ah, but there is hope!

Note (in that other post) that Nokia is trying to keep the PALM spirit alive with its patent filings!

RE: Antagonism
grg @ 1/9/2008 1:53:13 PM # Q
Maybe it's part of the Micro$oft deal. M$ commands Palm obeys.


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File Size???

cstamper @ 1/8/2008 2:59:28 PM # Q
The site says its a 1.7MB file. But it's actually 11MB!!!


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throw new CluelessException();

sgingras @ 1/8/2008 5:41:36 PM # Q
...and here I had been waiting patiently like a rube for an updated JVM. :-)

Once Apple fields a 3G iPhone and opens the platform for development, I think that you can color many of us gone.

I have been a loyal Palm user for some time, but I am growing tired of using essentially the same OS for nearly a decade. These are exciting times for phone development. The soon to be open iPhone, the future WinMobile 7, Google's Android platform, and the ever plucky OpenMoko. Yes, exciting indeed...and Palm isn't part of it. Oh sure, a new OS in 2009. Hold the football steady Lucy.

90 days to phone contract expiration...and counting. Got anything to keep me loyal Palm before then...besides a new case color? Did anyone else hear that? It sounded like crickets.

RE: throw new CluelessException();
happyPalm @ 1/8/2008 7:23:45 PM # Q
Be gone.

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potter @ 1/9/2008 12:18:59 PM # Q
* Will they continue selling it?
* Will they ever update the version that they sell?
* Will someone else start distributing it? Possibilities: IBM (the actual source), PalmSource (now Access) (The name given in the copyrights statements of the readme files)?
* Is there another JVM that the current Java products could be moved to?
Possibilities: Sun, other?

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No more Opera Mini then

sremick @ 1/9/2008 3:55:36 PM # Q
This would effectively mean the end of Opera Mini for Palm, which is a shame since Opera Mini is by far the best web browser for Palm. Plus it's free and actively developed.

With no decent web browser, my Palm would become considerably less-useful. Of course I'm going to keep my downloaded copy of the JVM handy, but I have to wonder if Opera will still bother with Palm if users can't easily get the required component to run Opera Mini.

Once 3rd party development opens on the iPhone so others can fill in the gaping holes that Apple has left on the device, I'll probably move to that.

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You still can get it here as of this posting

Electricroo @ 3/1/2008 8:46:57 PM # Q
You still can get it here as of this posting.

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