Cellet Stingray Case for Centro

Cellet Stingray Case for CentroThe Cellet Stingray Case for the Palm Centro is new case in the PIC accessory store this week. The Cellet Stingray is a form fitting case designed to help prevent scratches, shocks, and collisions. The front of the case features a clear PVC protector that will provide protection to your keyboard and screen from moisture and dust. The rear is made of a flexible soft-feel material that grips to your device. The case also includes 2 interchangeable belt clips. One that has a locking swivel clip with rapid release for easy attachment and the other is a fixed clip that you can also easily attach to your belt, waistband, backpack or purse strap.

The Cellet Stingray Case for Centro is available now for $19.95. It comes with our standard 30-day money back guarantee and shipping begins at $5.95.

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