Three New Bluetooth Headsets from BlueTrek

BlueTrek UFO Bluetooth HeadsetThe PalmInfocenter Store has just added three new bluetooth headsets from BlueTrek to its expanding Bluetooth selection. The first is the BlueTrek UFO, which features a style-consious unique design. Don't let the odd shape fool you as this is one tiny unit at just about the size of a quarter. It features up to six hours of talk time and has a DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation. The UFO sells for $89.95.

BlueTrek Mini Bluetooth HeadsetThe BlueTrek Mini Bluetooth Headset is another ultra small and sleek headset. It features an impressive seven hour talk time and comes with a unique lanyard that will clip to the headset, so you can carry it around your neck. It weighs in at just under 10 grams and size-wise is only 41 (L) x 19 mm (w). It sells for $59.95.

Finally the BlueTrek Tattoo Headset includes all the usual features and comes with 8 interchangeable skins. It has up to 4.5 hrs talk time and a 4 day stand-by. It's dual color LED will show the status of charge, end of charge, low battery, stand-by and such. It sells for $49.95.

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